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Pages On Sale!

Friday, November 14th, 2014

As the year ends and we’ve just had our baby girl(number two!) I’ve finally found the time to post some pages up on sale on ebay!  I have two covers for sale and a small handful of interior pages from TMNT: New Animated Adventures! They make great presents for the holidays!











If you’re interested in any of the TMNT I’ve worked on or Mega Man pages that aren’t currently on sale chances are I MAY still have them! Contact me directly at chadallenthomas@gmail.com to see if the page you’re looking for is available. Prices vary from $50-$150 depending on the page.

Bravest Warriors!

Thursday, November 15th, 2012


I also had the opportunity to work on a cover for the new Bravest Warriors as well! This is the 3rd print cover so if you haven’t been able to get yourself a copy of the 1st or 2nd….now you have another chance! I have a few character designs and style stuff I did to convince the editor that I could do some on model stuff that I’ll put up later. Colors are again by the very talented Zach Sterling!

Adventure Time!

Thursday, November 15th, 2012


I was lucky enough to get a chance to work with Boom! on a cover for February’s Fionna and Cake comic. I came into Adventure Time stuff late in the game over this past year but I’ve been doing my duty since late spring in catching up as best as possible. The colors are by Zach Sterling and he did a fantastic job. I love seeing other people color my stuff. I’m not wholly confident in my own coloring abilities, and seeing other artists take helps me see ways of coloring myself  that I hadn’t considered or tried before.

Mega Man 17 On Sale This Week!

Tuesday, September 11th, 2012


After months of waiting the origin of Proto Man finally arrives in Mega Man #17 out in comic shops this Wednesday! I really enjoyed working on these issues and hope I get another chance to jump in to the Mega Man Universe soon. You can see a full 5 page preview HERE!

And here are the original pencils for the preview just so you can see how it all began! Click to continue »

Huge Store Update!

Monday, September 10th, 2012

It’s been a crazy two months as Jil and I had our first baby, Liam, a month earlier than planned! He came out super healthy for being a late pre term so there were zero complications. But his early arrival got in the way of some jobs and deadlines that needed to be taken care of right around that time and I needed to back out of them. Soon after, one of our cars went down for the count needing a bit of an overhaul to get it back on the road again and is still sitting in the shop til I can raise some quick cash.

I’m also hard at work on my long working project Winter Warriors! This is my other baby at the moment and other exciting work(Mega Man, and a LOT of other stuff) made me have to really take a break from it for a bit. I’m eager to work on this a lot more full time than I have been able to, so if I’m able to rack up enough page sales and commission work I can make sure this book sees the light of day a lot faster.


So it’s time for a fire sale! I’ve updated the store page with info on original Mega Man pages and commission information with knocked down prices on quite a few pages and pre-made 9×12 pin ups that I’ve been unable to sell at shows. So please stop by and check it out, buy something, or maybe pass along a link to someone else who might be interested!

Mega Man #19 Cover

Friday, July 13th, 2012


It’s that time again, where I get to show some cover process stuff and share some more Mega Man related news! As you may have seen Mega Man #19 has been solicited for November release after my two Protoman issues(17 and 18 naturally) come out in September and October. While I didn’t have a hand in drawing the entire issue(that honor goes to…………..) I was asked to do the cover(pencils above). This one turned out to be tougher only because I had to do it on top on some of issue 17 and turn it around pretty quickly. There are elements about it I like but’s not a favorite honestly. If I had the time I would have shrank the image it a little bit and light boxed it to let it breathe a bit more as I think it’s pretty cramped. Some thumbs and thumbs and the final color version below! (I’ll get a bigger color version up as soon as I’m able to find one)



Mega Man/ Sonic Crossover

Wednesday, July 11th, 2012

sonicmegaman-1341945589Pretty huge news right? You can find press releases and interviews all over but it’s just a sliver of what Ian has planned(he told me just an itty bitty bit)! I have no clue if I’ll be involved but I’d like to be! I guess we’ll see in the coming months!

And since I forgot to post it here is the print I did for Heroes Con last month! I had these printed just for the show and have a small handful left if anyone wants them. $10 plus $3 for shipping. Email me if you’re interested!


More Megaman! I got the “Blues”!

Friday, May 25th, 2012


Get it?……sigh

And two and a half months later…here I am! It’s been a really REALLY busy few months getting ready for the baby(due in August). I’ve been working on a handful of things here and there but recently the cover for Megaman #17 came out and I can finally talk about it! I’ll be doing two(ish) issues of Megaman this fall in issues 17 and 18. Hopefully there will be more after that, but for now I’m just excited to be on the book again! I had a lot of fun on this cover and I thought I’d share some small insight into the process.

I got an email from Paul that they needed the cover turned around pretty quickly so all in all the cover came together very fast over three days, from sending thumbnails in the afternoon, working on another batch of thumbs and drawing the cover the next day, and spending about 30 minutes the next morning making the changes and passing them on for Gary to ink!




The first pass of thumbs were just standard “OMG look at this awesome character doin’ stuff” thumbs. Those are all well and good but Paul was up for something more representative of the feel of the story and Blues origin or something including Megaman himself on the cover. So the next morning the next pass looked more like….


Paul went with thumb#08 and off to work I went. I got really lucky on this cover and Paul liked it pretty much from the get go and his notes amounted to adjusting Doc Light and Megaman so they weren’t leaning a ton and changing their expressions/poses up a bit.


And that’s the end of my contribution to the cover! Above you can see the final with all the great work put in by Gary Martin and Matt Herms, both of whom I’m super lucky to work with!

Wolverine & the X-men

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012


Morning sketch I did earlier. Wolverine and the X-men is surprisingly my favorite book on the stands right now. Daredevil is a ridiculous close second but Nick Bradshaw’s take on the X-men right now is just so freaking good. I’ll ber bummed when he cycles off the book (and hope he returns soon).

My only wish is that they’d let Wolverine go grey a bit. I mean he IS a headmaster of a school now, that’s gotta stress the guy out.

Quick Designs

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012



Some very fast character designs I’ve been sitting on a month for a project I hope will pull together at some point. The project was pitched pretty quickly and I didn’t have a ton of time to do a lot of variations on the designs, and (obviously) only went back and redrew the Octopus* as my co-creator felt our first shot skewed a little too old. If everything pulls through I’m looking forward to getting back to these and fixing a few things I find problematic but overall I was pretty happy with the turnout considering the turn around.

*That’s not completely true, Cat and Badger were redrawn significantly too but Octopus was the only one that was actually finished before the redraw.