July, 2009

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Out in Shops Now!

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009


I lied.  Salem # 4 hit COMIC hops TODAY.  It’ll hit all the Borders and Newstands on August 11th.  Check it out now!  And for appearances sake here’s the issue 4 cover!  ALSO…I’ve added the Salem issues and the small color previews in the Young Salem section of my site so check a few things out there.  I’m away for a busy weekend but I’ll be back and drawing early next week!

Young Salem

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009


I got a call from Archie the other day and they needed me to whip up some Salem character shots for them over the weekend.  This project was a real treat to work on, and it’s a shame I think it got overlooked in comic shops.  Ian Flynn wrote a fun story and introduced some great characters that I wish I was going to have the chance to draw again soon.

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Welcome to Chad-Thomas.com!

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009

Hello friends!  Welcome to my current work in progress!  Life has been busy as ever and between drawing comics, teaching art classes, preparing to substitute teach again and heading up our churches youth group I’ve barely had any time at all to update my old livejournal.  BUT by popular demand(sort of) I’m back, with a new website, and hopefully some consistent posts with new work. This site will be “under construction” for longer then I’d like, but rest assured I’ll be doing my best to be up to date with what I’m currently working on!

Young Salem # 102

Earlier in the year I finished my run on the last(?) 4 issues of Sabrina the Teenage Witch (which became The Magical Adventures of Young Salem) for Archie comics.  Issues # 101-103 are out NOW and issue 104 is hitting the stands on 08/10.  We had a SLIGHT mix up on the issue # 102 cover and the final version actually wasn’t the one that went to print.  Although not a HUGE difference the editing Mike gave me and advice my buddy Paul offered helped sharpen up a cover that was never seen…so in the interests of having something NEW up….above is the original…and below…

salem2_coverinks edit

Keep coming back!  I PROMISE I’ll stay on top of things this time!

P.S. – I hope everyone in SDCC is having a great time….can you feel my jealousy from here?