October, 2010

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NYCC Big Archie news!

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010


One of my favorite parts of the show was easily the Archie panel where it was finally revealed that Megaman will be published sometime next spring!  Hooray!  I can finally talk about it!

protoman3Last March during the Staple! convention in Austin I got a ring from Sonic Editor Paul Kaminski asking me to draw up some designs for Archie’s pitch to Capcom.  Unfortunately I was in Austin and by the time I returned and got to my drawing table I had all of 12 hours to throw something together without ever having drawn any of the characters before.  While I’m pretty darn happy with my Protoman and Dr. Wily I’ll be the first to say my Megaman needs some refining.  Luckily, while I get my Megaman in shape, the very talented Patrick Spaziante will be kicking the series into gear, handling the cover and art chores for awhile!  I’m not sure if it’s going to be a rotating arc thing or if I’ll only fill in every now and then.  Regardless, I get to draw some Megaman and I can’t wait!



protomanI’ll do my best to post some Megamans as soon as I feel they’re up to the Protoman and Doc Wily standards.  It’s been awhile since I buckled down and drew any as the project has been up in the air since I worked on everything in March.  Time to get to it!

NYCC Wrap up

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010


Hello friends!  I’m back from NYCC and have been staying off my poor blistered feet after 5 days of constant walking in NY.  This was easily the biggest con I’ve been to.  I got to see almost everyone I planned on catching up with and even ran into one or two friends I hadn’t expected to see at all which was great.  I met my editor Carol Burrell from Lerner Publishing and my Archie editors Mike Pellerito and Paul Kaminski.

I also finally met up with James Lucas Jones from Oni after chatting online with him for 6 years!  I didn’t get to hang out with the Oni crew as much as I’d like but there will be other cons!  Same thing goes for everyone at First Second, whose booth had far too many awesome books for me to choose from.  I talked to some folks about Winter Warriors and hopefully in the next few months I’ll have something moving in that direction.   I’m going to pick it up and start getting it penciled sometime next week.  I have over 60 pages thumbnailed and ready to roll so I’m at a good starting point.


The NYCC haul was a handful to get home, and while I won’t go through all of them I have to give a major hats off to the coolest guy in comics, Chris Schweizer.  It’s been a blast to work with him on the Tricky Tales Lerner books so far.  To show his gratitude, when I wasn’t looking he slipped in volumes two and three of Pierre Alary’s Sinbad into my suitcase only to discover them when I returned home.  Stand up guy.  And now I really DO owe him a Crogan for the newsletter!

Our last night in NYCC had us searching Times Square for the elusive pop Tart store….


…Only to find it closed.  All in all a fantastic trip and a great con!  It made me very appreciative of the smaller shows I have to look forward to next year.  Staple! and Heroes here I come!