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Pirate Commish

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010


A few weeks ago my “friend through warcraft” and now good buddy Abram commissioned me for a future wedding present for his fiance as them as pirates.  I drew and inked this awhile ago but finally got around to colors yesterday and wanted to put it up here.

Things are getting crazy busy around the home studio.  We’ve Never Met has gone weekly and I’m throwing some new Megaman art together before jumping on the book sometime in early 2011.  I’ve finished the FIRST of the Tricky Tales graphic novels and I’m just waiting for the next script to come so I can jump on that asap.  After a super slow spring I’m finally having a busy workload, and it looks to extend well into next year which is a huge blessing!


This year Jil and I took a trip out to Disney for thanksgiving with her family.  We had some free time before everyone got there later in the week and enjoyed three days at the parks without the holiday crowd.  After exhausting ourselves throughout the week I’ve decided my top five Disney rides are:     1. Tower of Terror      2. Everest      3. Rock n’ Roller Coaster     4. Kilimanjaro Safari      5. The Haunted Mansion

Tower and Everest by a long shot though.  And while the rides themselves are awesome it’s mostly because of all the crazy awesome props and atmosphere those crazy talented Imagineers come up with.  The safari was great when we went in Animal Kingdom.  We were able to get on an early in the morning and all the wildlife was pretty darn active.  It’s good to be back though.  I turn 30 on SUNDAY, and I don’t have the little kid energy I used to have when tearing around the parks.  Coming back home and watching tv for two days straight was just what I needed.  Seeing this face helped too…