February, 2011

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Friday, February 4th, 2011


Here is the first draft for the alternative variant for Megaman coming out this April!  Poor Dr. Light had to be cut for upc reasons and now looks more like THIS.  It’s been a long year getting things out of the way and in order to do Megaman here in the coming months and I’m very excited for it.  I feel a lot more comfortable with the character now, and good advice from peers has me more excited and ready to have some fun drawing.  I know my style isn’t as manga-ized as a lot of die hard MM fans are used to, but I’m having a lot of fun working on some pages right now and I’m confident a lot of you will like it.  Ian is going to do a lot of fun stuff with the book, and has a great interview on Newsarama right now with some fantastic Spaz preview art so check that out.


We’ve Never Met is still going strong and you can check out the full run so far over at writer extraordinaire David Hopkins site.  We took a break off last week to put together a two page spread comic for incoming visitors.  You can see the above image full size….here.

I’m falling behind a few deadlines so I have to get back to it!  I have a LOT more news to share coming up in the next few months so keep checking in.  I’ll(as I always say) try to keep things more updated.  See ya!