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Cad Bane Commish

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011


I have a handful of sketches I need to scan and post on this blog but before I get to that(whenever I get around to it) I wanted to post a quick commission I did for a former student of mine.  Last fall I taught a character design and cartooning class that led into a small comics 101.  I met a LOT of very talented kids, one of them being Ethan who drew the phenomenal Robots vs Aliens, which I hope we all get to read sometime in the future.  I stopped watching The Clone Wars after the first few episodes had me rolling my eyes more then saying “wow” so I only knew Cad Bane from a few commercials and fan art I’ve seen.  He was definitely fun to draw and made me want to catch up on a show a few of my friends seem to be into right now.

A Nostalgic Thursday and Amazing #345

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

While trying to figure out exactly what I wanted to draw the other day I thought I’d revisit some of the very first comics that got me dying to be a part of the industry at an early age!  I read a ton of Archie digests and a few TMNT’s around the age of eight but it wasn’t until I was 10 did I become hooked.  My mom went to a Walden Books(remember those!?…anyone?) in the local mall in Colorado and picked up two comics, one of them being Amazing Spider-man #345 by David Michelinie and Mark Bagley. Click to continue »