April, 2011

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American Spider

Friday, April 15th, 2011

americanspiderflatThis past week there have been some awesome drawings making there way around the blogosphere by some really talented Atlanta SCAD students.  After the recent announcement that Marvel was going to do an American Panther version of the Black Panther, Professor Schwiezer had his students jump on the idea and “Americanized” a whole slew of heroes and villains.  Strangely enough I had actually drawn and American/SHIELD operative Spider-man suit on some sketch paper about a week or two ago so I dug it up and dropped some inks and colors in real quick.  I originally had another patch with the SHIELD eagle on the chest, and tried some white webbing but it just got too busy.

Really looking forward to Heroes Con in a month!  I’ll be in Indie Island next to Chris Schwiezer selling some new prints, a new sketchbook,  a Young Salem pack with all 4 issues + Salem sketch, and some old minis!  If you want to order a commission ahead of time head email me at chadallenthomas@gmail.com.  Commission details are on the store page.  See you in NC!