October, 2011

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Wizard World Austin

Sunday, October 30th, 2011


In two weeks I will be at Wizard World Austin to sell my wares, shake some hands, and talk comics! I will be HERE. Not my first choice in location as I’m quite a ways away from some friends and away from being in the middle of all the action in Artists Alley, but plenty of room to hang out and draw some commissions for anyone who wants to drop by! I will have on Sale:

Copies of Mega Man 05, 06, and 07!

Tricky Journeys: Coyote and Monkey and a limited number of Hardcovers that will come with a Monkey or Coyote head sketch!

Packs of Young Salem issues with a head sketch of Salem to go with each sold!

A brand new sketchbook! With a ton of stuff I’m far too lazy to put online!

A new print or two(depending on what I like and have time to get ready)

Left over copies of my mini comics Sushi Bar and Run! Very few and I will not be reprinting them. This is all there is folks.

And for those interested I will have original art from my 06 Salem issues(inked and lettered) as well as original art from Coyote and Monkey on sale.

I will be doing a LIMITED number of commissions for the show as I want to make sure the people who drop by get a good one this year. The last few cons I seemed to focus on quantity more than quality and I would like that to change.  But if I can’t fit you in DURING the show I will be taking additional commission orders there that I will ship out in the following weeks.

And just so you know I AM currently taking commission orders which you can order here! I will be working on those a bit more post convention though as I have a lot to get ready for in the next week!

Stay tuned and at some point this week I’ll toss up the print I’ll have for the show! Hope to see in in Austin in two weeks!