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More Megaman! I got the “Blues”!

Friday, May 25th, 2012


Get it?……sigh

And two and a half months later…here I am! It’s been a really REALLY busy few months getting ready for the baby(due in August). I’ve been working on a handful of things here and there but recently the cover for Megaman #17 came out and I can finally talk about it! I’ll be doing two(ish) issues of Megaman this fall in issues 17 and 18. Hopefully there will be more after that, but for now I’m just excited to be on the book again! I had a lot of fun on this cover and I thought I’d share some small insight into the process.

I got an email from Paul that they needed the cover turned around pretty quickly so all in all the cover came together very fast over three days, from sending thumbnails in the afternoon, working on another batch of thumbs and drawing the cover the next day, and spending about 30 minutes the next morning making the changes and passing them on for Gary to ink!




The first pass of thumbs were just standard “OMG look at this awesome character doin’ stuff” thumbs. Those are all well and good but Paul was up for something more representative of the feel of the story and Blues origin or something including Megaman himself on the cover. So the next morning the next pass looked more like….


Paul went with thumb#08 and off to work I went. I got really lucky on this cover and Paul liked it pretty much from the get go and his notes amounted to adjusting Doc Light and Megaman so they weren’t leaning a ton and changing their expressions/poses up a bit.


And that’s the end of my contribution to the cover! Above you can see the final with all the great work put in by Gary Martin and Matt Herms, both of whom I’m super lucky to work with!