Funny Animal Pulp and Spider-Miles

Written by Chad! on August 9th, 2011


For the past 5 years or so Chris Schweizer (of Crogan Adventures fame, and writer of Tricky Tales) and I have thrown a family adventure comic back and forth and are finally close to really shaping the premise to where we want it(although, admittedly it’s in an extremely early stage) .  Over the next year or so I’ll do my best to keep posting some of our “Funny Animal” sketches up as we get closer to really getting this future project figured out.  And while your at it go to Chris’s blog and check out some of the stuff he’s done!

And below is a real quick warm up I did on a scrap sheet of the new Ultimate Spider-man, which I myself am quite excited about! I don’t love the new duds but I assume they’re probably temporary.  I like the drawing ok but I kinda screwed up the legs so I didn’t bother going much further with it(that’s what happens when I don’t scan my pencils just in case) .



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  1. Paul Conrad says:

    Chad these are great! Let’s see ‘em inked and with color! :D

  2. Chad! says:

    I’ll try and get around to it soon! Thanks Paul!

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