Desk Shot: Winter Warriors

Written by Chad! on February 14th, 2012


Things in the studio are both crazy busy right now and pretty slow. There’s not a whole lot of work on the table exactly which leaves me plenty of time to work on my upcoming book, and there’s a LOT to work on. It’s almost fully written and thumbed ┬ábut I took a break from that and have started the penciling and inking phase of things. I’m having a blast working on it so it’s moving along pretty swiftly while I juggle the few other things i have coming through the door. I’m thinking of starting a small process blog about Winter Warriors, but even if I don’t get around to that I make sure there are plenty of updates over the next few months. So keep checking back and I’ll do my best to post some more character designs, thumbnails, and process stuff.

And if you found your way to my site via the Downton Valentines, welcome! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you like the rest of my work! Store is updated as well with new commission info!


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