Mega Man 17 On Sale This Week!

Written by Chad! on September 11th, 2012


After months of waiting the origin of Proto Man finally arrives in Mega Man #17 out in comic shops this Wednesday! I really enjoyed working on these issues and hope I get another chance to jump in to the Mega Man Universe soon. You can see a full 5 page preview HERE!

And here are the original pencils for the preview just so you can see how it all began!


Just know that issue 18 will close out this awesome chapter in Archie Mega Man history and boy is it a doozy. Ian Flynn really brought his A game, so make sure to grab the first part!

And drop by the store page to grab a commission or art from Mega Man 05-08! ;)


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  1. Steven Chase says:

    Thanks for the pingback! I -still- haven’t received my issue in the mail… And I am DYING to see it. I can’t wait!!

  2. Chad! says:

    no problem! I hope you enjoy the issue when you finally get your hands on it!

  3. Ephraim says:

    Wow, your art is really growing on me. The more I see it, the more I love it. XD And I love these things where you guys show the fans your sketches and talent. It’s just awesome

  4. Chad! says:

    Thanks a lot! I’ll keep the previews and art coming when I’m on the book. I love sharing this stuff too!

  5. Jeff Jones says:

    Thanks for sharing Chad. It’s nice to see the pencils before they are inked. You are doing a great job.

  6. Rabid Noodles says:

    Just got the issue! Your pencils are fantastic. :D Looking forward to the next issues.

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