Downton Abbey Trading Cards

Written by Chad! on February 17th, 2012



After the awesome reception to the Downton Valentines, Vanity Fair contacted me to celebrate this Sunday’s finale with some commissioned trading cards!I will post them all here eventually but for now check out all 13 here!


Desk Shot: Winter Warriors

Written by Chad! on February 14th, 2012


Things in the studio are both crazy busy right now and pretty slow. There’s not a whole lot of work on the table exactly which leaves me plenty of time to work on my upcoming book, and there’s a LOT to work on. It’s almost fully written and thumbed  but I took a break from that and have started the penciling and inking phase of things. I’m having a blast working on it so it’s moving along pretty swiftly while I juggle the few other things i have coming through the door. I’m thinking of starting a small process blog about Winter Warriors, but even if I don’t get around to that I make sure there are plenty of updates over the next few months. So keep checking back and I’ll do my best to post some more character designs, thumbnails, and process stuff.

And if you found your way to my site via the Downton Valentines, welcome! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you like the rest of my work! Store is updated as well with new commission info!


Valentine Abbey

Written by Chad! on February 9th, 2012

downtonVday04flatA few weeks ago my wife and I caught on to Downton Abbey and she can’t seem get enough. I’ve been hearing background on the cast, the fashion, and the time period ad nauseum  while my wife imdbs/tumblrs/wikipedias everything about the show. This isn’t a problem of course since I too, LOVE, this show.  So yesterday, I drew up 4 Downton themed cards for her as we prep for a Valentine weekend involving another Downton marathon. The other three below the cut! Click to continue »



Written by Chad! on November 18th, 2011

DaredevilAfter a frustrating morning trying make consistant posts to DA, and Tumblr, and the website all at once I’ve given up on Tumblr thanks to its frustrating fickleness. So here’s a Daredevil!



Written by Chad! on November 16th, 2011

KrakatoomSDanother con sketch from last weekend.


Written by Chad! on November 15th, 2011

DoomSDA fun little con sketch I was fooling around with this past weekend at Austin Comic Con. I have a few more floating around that I’ll get to posting in the next day or two with a post con report!


X-Men Sketchbook Cover

Written by Chad! on November 9th, 2011

sketchbookcoverBrand new sketchbook collecting a good bit of stuff from the last year or two.  Stop by my table at Wizard World Austin to pick one up! If I have any left over I’ll update the store accordingly when I get back!


Spider-Miles Print

Written by Chad! on November 9th, 2011

miles-printflatThis weekend! Wizard World Austin! See you there!


Wizard World Austin

Written by Chad! on October 30th, 2011


In two weeks I will be at Wizard World Austin to sell my wares, shake some hands, and talk comics! I will be HERE. Not my first choice in location as I’m quite a ways away from some friends and away from being in the middle of all the action in Artists Alley, but plenty of room to hang out and draw some commissions for anyone who wants to drop by! I will have on Sale:

Copies of Mega Man 05, 06, and 07!

Tricky Journeys: Coyote and Monkey and a limited number of Hardcovers that will come with a Monkey or Coyote head sketch!

Packs of Young Salem issues with a head sketch of Salem to go with each sold!

A brand new sketchbook! With a ton of stuff I’m far too lazy to put online!

A new print or two(depending on what I like and have time to get ready)

Left over copies of my mini comics Sushi Bar and Run! Very few and I will not be reprinting them. This is all there is folks.

And for those interested I will have original art from my 06 Salem issues(inked and lettered) as well as original art from Coyote and Monkey on sale.

I will be doing a LIMITED number of commissions for the show as I want to make sure the people who drop by get a good one this year. The last few cons I seemed to focus on quantity more than quality and I would like that to change.  But if I can’t fit you in DURING the show I will be taking additional commission orders there that I will ship out in the following weeks.

And just so you know I AM currently taking commission orders which you can order here! I will be working on those a bit more post convention though as I have a lot to get ready for in the next week!

Stay tuned and at some point this week I’ll toss up the print I’ll have for the show! Hope to see in in Austin in two weeks!


The Checkered Man!

Written by Chad! on August 16th, 2011

checkeredmanNOBGToday’s warm up is from a very good friends web comic The Checkered Man! I met Denver Brubaker a little over 10 years ago in a small comic class he was running with another guy whose name I forget.  The class was full of kids and I had about 7 years on the next kid in the room and Denver and I clicked pretty damn quick.  Our shared love of Batman:TAS and comics in general made for a fast friend and we used to take up one of the gaming tables at Fanfare Comics in Kalamazoo and draw for an entire day.  I attribute a lot of my growth as an artist to hanging out with Denver and having him look over my pages and critique them when I came home from SCAD.  After finding a big stack of those comics last week I have to say I’m genuinely sorry I put you through that Denver.  That stuff is AWFUL.

Since I’ve known Denver, his baby has always been the Checkered Man.  I have his old minis he put together years ago sitting in my mini comic box on my comic shelf.  While a few things have changed between the time he did those and got his web comic up and going, all of the fun and excitement remains.  He’s a great storyteller and I have met few people who love and enjoy comics as much as Denver.  So if you haven’t yet go check out The Checkered Man and start from the beginning!

And while I’m mentioning some awesome artists, also drop by Robert Wilson IV’s website and Evan Bryce Cranston’s Tumblr.  I’ve added them to my link list and they’re some great guys I get together with now to have studio work days and talk shop for hours.  They’re also both involved in Jon Morris’ highly creative DC Fifty-TOO.  Robert did the Kamandi and Evan’s is still on deck to be shown so I won’t spoil it.