Hair Care- Tips To Follow

Hair Care- Tips To Follow

Does that bouncy and voluminous mane models flaunt in hair care ads appear to be a dream that you can not achieve? We agree, most of them do go through a makeup touch to ensure the shine of hair. But according to Dr. Manas Jain who is one of the best hair transplant surgeons in Mysore, the dream of healthy hair can often became reality with proper hair care. He shares a list of hair care tips in this article which you can follow to reduce hair fall.

Hair Care Dos

If you have already developed a bald patch then a hair transplant is probably the best solution for you. But if you are at the initial level of hair fall, then these following tips will help you to reduce hair fall. However, if you still notice significant hair loss, we recommend to contact a specialist as soon as possible.

Hair Care- Tips To Follow

Use Chemical Free Shampoos

You definitely can’t control all the environmental factors that damage your hair, but what you can control is the shampoos you use. The lesser the amount of harmful chemicals in your shampoo, the healthier your hair will be. choose gentle shampoos that fit your hair type.

According to Dr. Firdous who is one of the best dermatologist in Secunderabad sulfates and parabens in shampoos are used for lathering and preserving respectively, but they will cause skin irritation over time and increase the danger of hormonal disruptions.

Wash Your Hair Regularly

Condition Correctly

Washing your hair regularly ensures that your scalp and hair is freed from dirt and excess oil. However, the proper frequency of hair wash depends on the type of your hair. If you’ve got extremely dry hair, you must try to limit your washing to twice every week. If you’ve got an oily scalp, washing your hair on alternate days can help to maintain the quality & shine of your hair.

Your conditioner contains different ingredients that actually make the hair fall straight and easily manageable. However, it should be applied only on the tips of the hair and not on your scalp or root of the hair. Also, it is necessary to rinse it off thoroughly post-application.

Dry Your Hair Naturally

We know. Blow drying might make your hair as beautiful & bouncy as that of your on-screen idol. But excessive heat styling can damage your hair &

Hair Care- Tips To Follow

scalp as it cause rough hair & split ends. Air drying or towel drying after the shampoo is the best thing to do. Never sleep in wet hair or comb wet hair as there is a higher risk of hair loss if you do so.

Oil Your Hair Properly

Pre-shampoo treatments like oiling and massaging improve blood circulation on the scalp which ensures hair growth, relaxes your muscles, boosts shine, and nourishes the hair. You can choose between copra oil, expressed almond oil, olive oil, purgative, and therefore the likes. Once in a while, apply warm oil if possible and wrap your head in a towel as it will allow the oil to work its way.

Use A Wide-toothed Comb

Hair Care- Tips To Follow

Wet hair is fragile and susceptible to breakage. Let your hair dry properly before combing & then use a wide-toothed comb to brush your hair. You can also use a comb made of neem wood as this type of comb prevents damage to your hair.

Style Your Hair Naturally

Everyone like those gorgeous curls or perfect waves. But if you’re using a heat curler or straightener or a hand blower, make sure to use a good heat protectant serum first.

Trim Your Hair Regularly

Trim your hair every 6-8 weeks to remove split ends & to ensure smooth hair. Split ends form when the hair is broken because of heat styling, pollution, smoking, stress then on. Trimming doesn’t magically make the hair grow faster as hair growth happens at the scalp level, but trimming ensures healthy hair.

Drink More Water

Internal hydration along with external hydration is very necessary to maintain well-balanced and healthy hair. You might be using hydrating hair care products and oils, but drinking a minimum of 3 litres of water every day ensures good hair health.

Eat Healthy

Hair Care- Tips To Follow

We will continue repeating ‘you are what you eat’ as long as we write on hair care and skincare. Your hair is formed of proteins and amino acids & it needs the proper nutrition to grow well and maintain itself. Eggs, berries, nuts, fish, green leafy vegetables, sweet potatoes are great foods for healthy hair.

Use Hair Caps/hats

Just as sunlight features a damaging effect on your skin, it applies to your hair too. Harsh sun rays can remove the moisture from your hair making it dry, brittle, and damaged over the course of time. Use hats to guard your hair from this damage. Protect your hair with caps once you are in a swimming bath. Chlorinated water is bad for your hair.

Use Hair Bands

We like to flaunt our open hair, but do use hair bands to limit the hair exposure to environmental aggressors. Use fabric hair ties rather than plastic ones. Don’t pull your hair too tight when making a ponytail or the other hairstyle as it might cause severe hair loss.

Use A Old T-shirt To Dry

Your t-shirt is probably the best thing to dry your wet hair without causing damage to the hair. Traditional towels are sometimes too rough on your hair cuticles and might also damage your hair over time. Save your soft, old t-shirts from now on!