How Dental Crowns Can Save and Support Your Tooth

How Dental Crowns Can Save and Support Your Tooth

Your dentist will always aim to help you preserve your natural teeth as much as possible. If your gum or enamel is damaged, they will suggest the ideal restorative measures that will keep your teeth intact to avoid further damage or extraction. One way dentists can do this is by using dental crowns.

What are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are shaped like your tooth and get placed over them. They are used to cover, protect and restore your teeth’ shape when fillings don’t solve the dental problem. These crowns can be made of resin, ceramics, porcelain, and metal. As long as you take precautions, maintaining them is easy. Also, dental crowns save your teeth whenever possible and, in this article, we discuss how.

Reasons you Might Need a Crown.

  • Tooth decay
  • Root canal
  • Improving tooth’s appearance
  • A large or fractured filling
  • A broken or cracked tooth
  • Holding a dental bridge
  • Covering a dental implant

How Dental Crowns Can Protect your Teeth

Some of the ways a dental crown can protect your tooth include:

Surrounds your Entire Tooth

A dental crown surrounds your entire tooth. That ensures maximum protection at all times. Dental crowns can save multiple teeth unlike a filling that will only protect a part of your tooth.

Strengthens your Tooth

A dental crown improves your tooth’s structure and holds your tooth together. That prevents further damage such as chips, breaks, cracks, wear, and so on.

Restores your Tooth’s Function

A dental crown restores the full function of your tooth, meaning that you’ll continue to enjoy pain-free teeth. You don’t have to worry about damaging your teeth. It also helps you to speak more clearly and confidently.

Offer a Barrier

A dental crown keeps your tooth structure safe from food particles, harmful saliva, acids, bacteria, etc.

How Crowns Repair your Teeth

When you get a crown, any decayed, unhealthy, and damaged portions of your tooth get removed. The dentist then shapes the remaining sound tooth structure so that the dental crown will securely hold on to it.

Once your crown gets placed, your tooth gets restored. Its original shape, durability, size, and health get restored. A crown may also help to work on misaligned, stained, and discolored teeth.

Benefits of Having a Dental Crown

By restoring your tooth with a dental crown, you’ll enjoy:

An Enhanced Smile

Dental crowns enhance the color and shape of the tooth. It makes the tooth look more natural. If your teeth need significant repair, the best idea is to get a crown.

Boosted Confidence

When you feel good about how you look, it boosts your confidence. A dental crown will help you achieve a beautiful smile and makes you feel good about yourself.


Dental crowns offer a perfect way to protect your damaged, broken, or chipped tooth.

Save Money

By avoiding further damage, you keep your teeth from experiencing other issues down the line. When you don’t have to go to the dentist, you save so much money in the long run. Visiting a reputable dentist will make all the difference. A professional dentist will provide you with the treatment you need, and aim to spread positive dental messages via social media marketing concerning dental and oral care.