How Elmiron Causes Blindness

How Elmiron Causes Blindness

In recent years, the urinary drug Elmiron or pentosan polysulfate sodium has been linked to a degenerative eye disorder known as pigmentary maculopathy, which may result in vision loss, when used for the long term. Because of this, many class actions and single lawsuits have been filed by those who suffered blindness after taking Elmiron against the drug’s manufacturer. Suffering any kind of injury because of the use of Elmiron is not acceptable and you have a legal right to pursue compensation from its manufacturer.

What is Elmiron?

Elmiron is prescribed to patients who suffer from a painful bladder syndrome called interstitial cystitis. The drug is the only FDA-approved drug for treating this medical condition. It is highly effective and works by helping to restore the mucus layer around the bladder called the glycosaminoglycans layer. Elmiron is manufactured and distributed by Janssen Pharmaceuticals and has gained initial FDA approval in 1996. Recently, the agency has implemented an update to the safety labeling of the drug to include more warnings and precautions for usage.

For a lot of those who have been using Elmiron, these warnings may be too late. If you are one of them, get in touch with an attorney immediately so they can fight for your legal right to compensation after you have been exposed to this dangerous drug.

Eye Issues Associated with Elmiron

Elmiron is mainly associated with pigmentary maculopathy. Maculopathy refers to the general damage to the macula, the area of the eye responsible for clear, focused vision. Pigmentary maculopathy is a unique form of maculopathy that results from the long-term use of Elmiron. Some of its symptoms include pain in the eyes, difficulty reading, difficulty seeing in low light situations, distorted vision or disturbances to eyesight, and difficulty seeing things that are up close,

Call a Lawyer If You Suffered Elmiron-Related Eye Injuries

If you have been using Elmiron for a long time and suffered eye injuries, contact an attorney as soon as possible for a free consultation and case evaluation. Knowing about your injuries and determining who to turn to can truly be frustrating; however, once you talk to an attorney, you can concentrate on your personal issues and needs without worrying about your legal outlook. The sooner your lawyer will get the details of your case the sooner they can start working on your case to help you get the compensation you deserve.