How to Find Statics on CBD Products


Anyone looking to start using cannabis or CBD-based products will of course want to know a little more about cannabidiol itself, its quality, effectiveness and market distribution. Statistics will help you get the most useful information in this area. It is conducted by both manufacturers themselves and economists, as well as researchers in the field of biology, medicine and chemistry.

Of course, knowing the best CBD products is important when it comes to choosing them. And at Aifory, we collect statistics on hemp CBD products ourselves, including those we make of the finest CBD oil.

Statics on CBD: Where and How Are They Used

Today, the distribution and legalization of the most popular CBD products are progressing by leaps and bounds. If earlier such products had an official status only in some states of the USA, Israel and the Netherlands, today companies from South America, Canada, and Europe can also obtain a license to sell useful and most effective products with cannabidiol. Gradually, the attitude towards such products is changing in the Eastern European market and the consumption is rather high. Not far off is the expansion of the market to the countries of Asia, where hemp has long been used for medical purposes, but after the UN decision of 1961, it was banned.
We at Aifory have compiled some statistics about cannabidiol and its uses.

– In 2019, the medical cannabis market volume was $ 28 billion in the United States.
– The largest top-rated producers of cannabidiol remain in the United States and South America (Peru, Colombia) selling their products worldwide.
– By 2022, the CBD market will grow to $ 591 billion according to analysts’ forecasts.
– The top of CBD users are millennials, followed by those in their 30s, followed by those in their 50s and 60s.
– Today, the list of conditions for which medical cannabis is most effective includes more than 30 names.
– CBD studies are performed annually.

When it comes to where to find CBD stats, at Aiforyб we focus on several sources whose data can be considered the most objective.

– from a medical point of view, all the latest statistics can be found in the Pubmed scientific article aggregator.
– Economic factors can be explored in solid economics media.
– You can find fun facts and interesting statistics in our blog at

CBD is just gaining popularity. Stay tuned for new data – it is quite possible that soon this substance will again surprise the world with its healing properties. And do not forget that you can buy CBD products right now, and the best statistics for you will be the ones that you collect yourself based on your experience of use.