The Potential Health Benefits Of Neem


Neem powder is used in the Neem tablets that are made from the extracts like barks, flowers, seeds, roots, fruits, and leaves of Neem trees. If it is said that these Neem tablets are modern versions of ancient Ayurvedic knowledge, it would not be an exaggeration. Neem used to be one of the most popular medicinal herbs in the world that has been helping the world for almost 5000 years to stay healthy and sound. From purifying blood, preventing from free radical releases, fighting against harmful bacteria, and many more. Since the ages, it has been used in your bath, healing wounds, rat and bacteria replents, and many more.  Ayurveda suggested it for beautiful and healthy skin, scalp, and hair. Along with these, it is mostly practiced in toothache and treating malaria. As it is very hard to cultivate, so you have to depend on nature for its cultivation. This is the reason it is not available for everyone, even though it is mostly found in India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, and other tropical countries. But today Neem powder is available to everyone as a tablet at its very affordable Neem powder price, all thanks to medical science. Here are some of the health benefits of it that make it irresistible to use.

Health Benefits of Neem:

Neem is a rich source of chemicals, fatty acids, and vitamins that help you in various ways like killing bacteria, preventing conception & mouth plaque formation, healing ulcers, and many more. Along with that there are other health benefits given below:

  • Improves Gut Health: Neem powder has been used for ages extensively for preventing and treating various intestinal issues and disorders with its anti- inflammatory properties. With this property, neem aids in treating intestinal worm production and ulcers. Along with that it limits the inflammation in the guts and promotes an improved digestion process. In Ayurveda, first jaggery water is consumed in the morning with an empty stomach after 20 or 30 minutes, Neem solution is consumed to remove worm infestation in the intestine that used to be a very effective way to promote gut health in ancient knowledge.
  • Blood Sugar Regulation: Neem is very much efficient in regulating the blood sugar level in the body especially its powder form. With the goodness of anti-inflammatory elements, triterpenoid, glycosides, and flavonoids in the  Neem tablets helps in stabilizing blood sugar or glucose levels and make sure no surge in glucose level in the blood. It is always better to consume the neem powder in the morning with no filled stomach, as the body is quite sensitive to nutrients at this time and gives you very effective health results. With a better blood sugar level, you are not susceptible to diabetes and other high sugar related diseases.
  • Purifies Blood: Neem consists of very powerful detoxifying properties that are pivotal in blood purification. It helps to remove toxins from your blood and cleans it thus it increases blood circulation in the body. When blood circulation increases, proper oxygen and nutrients will reach the required part of the body without any hindrance which makes the body much healthier. When blood gets purified, skin starts glowing and being healthy. So, if you are facing acne issues, drink or apply it on your face pack and get relief from acne, and its itchiness, dryness, and redness. And get the skin healthy and beautifly with it.
  • Beautiful & Healthy Hair: Struggling with dandruff and other hair problems, try Neem once. With its antifungal properties, Neem is quite effective in removing the dry scalp skin or dandruff. Since ages, it is the secret ingredient for beautiful and healthy hair. Make the neem leaves paste and add lemon juice in it, apply the mixture to the scalp and leave it for at least 20 minutes, then rinse it with cold water. Any Kind of hair issues like dead skin on the scalp, treating lice, conditioning hair, strengthening hair follicles, and adding shine to hair, can easily be taken care of by it.
  • Herbal remedy for Healing: With the antiseptic properties of Neem, it helps to heal the wounds effectively. It can heal them without leaving any marks or scars on those parts of the body. Also prevents the wounds from the septic infections. Apply a little amount of the neem solution on that particular wound with cotton regularly and see them disappear like magic. The neem contains and requires fatty acids which promote healthy skin and better wound healing without any side effects. You must consult the doctor about the Neem powder, oil, and capsule before making them use externally or internally.
  • Gum and Tooth diseases: A night with the toothache is the longest night, you must be understood if you have been through it. A neem leaf, powder, or gel is applied to the gums and teeth two times in a day for at least 6 weeks to get rid of the toothache and gingivitis. Along with that do the mouthwash daily for at least 30 seconds after doing brush for one month. You will see significant effects on your teeth and gums. Neem is also used in fighting against tooth plaque. To get rid of the tooth plaque, you need to apply neem leaf gel two times a day for at least six weeks. After that make a solution of neem for mouthwash and do it daily for better and faster results.


Before introducing Neem powder in your daily life, first consult with the doctor as the doses of Neem tablets highly depend on your gender, medical conditions, age, and many other factors. But if you are healthy, still interested in using Neem, it would be best to go for the natural neem extracts. You can use them in your bathing, shampoo, toothpaste, and other forms. If you consume it in recommended amounts, you will see the improvement in your immune system. If you are facing the insects issues, use them as a repellent and avoid the diseases caused by them. Stay happy and energetic with good health.