Types of Martial Arts to Choose from

If you have not fulfilled your childhood dream, maybe it’s time to ask where there is some team in your neighborhood who might be kick-boxing, or practicing martial arts. Here are some interesting martial arts sports that you might consider practicing. One of the most wonderful places to practice krav maga toronto is here.


The Russians, historically speaking, are not exactly calm people. The wars with the Mongols, the French and the Germans left a deep mark on the people and the army. As the training of wrestling was mandatory in the army, soldiers were getting better and better, and wrestling, which they once knew, got some new shapes like jumping out joints, tearing hands and feet, and everything that could be found on the human body. After the “Communist Revolution” in 1917, Russian martial arts experts all integrated this into Sambo, which is the Russian abbreviation for self-defense without weapons.

It was originally trained by Red Army soldiers and government agents, but as crime was on the rise, Sambo began to teach protectors and private bodyguards who added some items like knives, sticks, etc.


Like all other countries in Southeast Asia, Thailand has been in a war or under siege several times. Thus, like the Russians, they had a lot of practice in battle to death. That’s how Muay Thai was born, i.e. Art of eight limbs. Yes, eight limbs. In Muay Thai, elbows and knees are counted in limbs and in combat they are used to hit the opponent as hard as possible and master it as quickly as possible. These guys do not joke. We just do not know why they wear gloves. Given the knee and elbow impact, we really do not see the need for gloves. Shots in old movies with Jean Claude Van Damme in which the bangs are soaked in broken glass are just myths. It is true that before gloves were used bands that were sharp. After the gloves, mortality in the fighting was drastically reduced and this sport was no longer considered a crime.

The most famous story of Muay Thai originated from Burma in 1774. After Burma was conquered by Thailand, then Siam, Nai Khan Tom, the fighter Muay Thai was brought in to the ring before the King to assess what martial art is in relation to Lethwei, the most famous martial art of Burmese. After ten seconds, Tom broke his opponent to the point that he was crying, so he finally squeezed after the flying knee into his head. The judge declared the fight invalid, since the dance was allegedly deconcentrated by the Burmese prior to the start of the fight. After that, Tom, as a gentleman who wants to prove his skill, fought with nine instructors for as long as they were not lying in blood, urine, and shame. The king spared him and offered him to choose a sack of gold or two of his beautiful women. What happened was shocking. Tom refused money and took the royal women, and left with them in the morning.

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