What to Know About Dental Implants?

What to Know About Dental Implants?

In recent decades, dentistry has been improving a lot. One of these improvements is offering various cosmetic dental methods for tooth replacement. Dental implants are one of them performing by dental professionals worldwide. Being knowledgeable enough about this dental method can be so helpful. Here, we provided comprehensive information about this cosmetic dental process by talking with a Vancouver dental implants specialist.

What Is It?

Nowadays, this cosmetic dental method is known as an excellent replacement for those suffering from missing or damaged teeth. Although there are some other cosmetic dental treatments, dental implants are more popular and common worldwide. For example, dentures are one of these substitutes, but since they can trap food, this will lead to faster oral infections and gum decay. Besides, according to the patients’ ideas, it is difficult to eat or speak easily and fluently with dentures since they are usually thicker than real teeth. In contrast, implanted teeth look and act exactly like your teeth. As a result, the patient doesn’t feel any difference between an implanted tooth and a real one.

The tooth root will be substituted with a metal and a screw-like base during the surgery. Your jawbone’s condition determines the kind of your surgery. Sometimes in severe cases, it may be needed to apply tooth extraction and even bone grafting.


Why This Cosmetic Dental Treatment?

There are various reasons to go under this dental surgery. The most significant one is having one or more lost teeth due to events such as accidents, traumas, injuries, damages, etc. If you have difficulty using other tooth replacement solutions such as dentures or prostheses, your dentist will probably suggest you go for dental implants. Besides, if you want to improve your speaking fluency with false teeth, this dental method can be effective.

But, after choosing this cosmetic dental treatment, there are some considerations. At first, your dental status should be assessed to see if you are eligible for this dental treatment or not. In this regard, the condition of your mouth, bone structure, and gums will be examined carefully. Besides, if you do not pay attention to your oral hygiene or some severe dental conditions affect your bone growth, your dentist considers another tooth replacement method for you.
Since the metal used in this cosmetic dental treatment is a replacement for the tooth root and attaches to your jawbone, you must have a complete jawbone and sufficient bone structure for the implant to be eligible for a dental implant. The metal placed in your jawbone prevents this cosmetic dental method from slipping, damaging the bone, and making noise.

If you do not want to be one of those experiencing dental implants failure, you should stop smoking and drinking alcohol. Besides, after having an implanted tooth, it is essential to take care of your oral hygiene. Otherwise, it is so possible to face dental problems such as infection.
Having regular checkups with your dental specialist will also help you be aware of any possible problems and treat them at early stages.