Why Do You Need Additional Health Insurance for Your Family Along with Group Health Insurance?

Why Do You Need Additional Health Insurance for Your Family Along with Group Health Insurance?

Many people delay the process of buying health insurance, thinking that group health insurance provided by an employer would be sufficient to take care of their healthcare needs. However, they overlook various aspects, such as medical inflation, increasing medical expenses, and lifestyle changes. Also, one should not forget that they will grow old with time and require higher medical coverage due to increased health risks. Getting a personal health cover is easy these days as health insurers like Care Health Insurance provide affordable policies for families and individuals.

Most people do not realise the need for buying additional health insurance for their family. Some think if they are healthy, they do not need a medical cover, often neglecting that health risks rise with growing age.

Group mediclaim plans may come to an end after retirement. Even at the time you change your job, you will not be covered under this health insurance. So, it is advisable to get an individual health insurance plan that continues to cover you even after retirement or during any break from employment. With the help of this health policy, you can secure your savings against any emergency.

Let us discuss the reasons why personal health insurance is always a better choice than group health insurance:

  • Covers Entire Family in a Single Cover: With family floater health insurance, you can secure all the immediate family members under one policy. In this plan, you can include your spouse, dependent parents, and children. You do not need to keep track of different individual health covers.
  • Group Mediclaim offers limited coverage: Group health insurance plans may have some restrictions in terms of coverage, which may not be sufficient for your increasing healthcare costs. Opting for an individual health insurance plan with adequate coverage for your requirements will give you comprehensive protection with more options & benefits.
  • Support for post-retirement life: During post-retirement, there are lesser chances to avail of the benefits of group mediclaim with affordable premium and adequate coverage. Investing in a personal health policy at the earliest, especially one offering lifetime renewability, will ensure you get financial protection during old age.

If you invest in a health cover in the later stage of your life, the insurance premium will be expensive as it increases with age. For this reason, you must opt for an individual health insurance plan along with group health insurance.


Group health insurance comes with various benefits; but, it may not meet your healthcare needs after a particular time. If you are thinking of the long-run, it is advisable to treat your corporate health insurance plan as an alternative option and choose additional health insurance for your family. You can check the website of health insurance companies like Care Health Insurance, HDFC Ergo, etc. and opt for a health insurance plan for families suited to your requirements.

The process of buying health insurance online is a simple one. Make sure you check the various features and policy terms and conditions before making a decision.