Why Vape Pods?

Why Vape Pods?

The vape pods or pod systems are the miniature versions of the vape with the two-part system

  • a pod filled with vape juice
  • a battery

The vape pods are available in pre-filled and refillable types. It is designed for smokers who are transitioning into vaping. Re-fillable ones are compact, lightweight and flexible for the user to use it with ease. The lower power output for the higher strength of nicotine salts has made the disposable pods to be the best nic salt vapes among the users.

The Different Types of Pod Users Are –

Smokers Shifting to Vaping

The use the pod for its simple design and satisfying method of nicotine delivered. The users can enjoy the cigarette-like experience by drawing from the smaller pod systems. Moreover, the nicotine salt juice is satisfying for their craving. Vypes have a range of pod vape kits that are perfect for those looking to transition from traditional smoking to vaping system.

Experienced Vapers

Experience vapers use the pods for the comfort of using it and vaping on the go. It is easier to carry the pods in their pocket.

Stealth Vapers

The compact size and discreet cloud production from the mini vapes are the major reasons that attracted the third common types of users.

Refillable pod systems are also called the open-system vapes, and it offers a variety of flavours. The users can manually fill the empty pods with any flavours of their choice. Whereas the pre-filled pod systems are also called as closed system vapes, that come with pre-filled with e-liquid. The vapers do not have to fill the pods with the e-liquid but do not have the option to choose their flavour.

Advantages of Pod Vapes

Vape pods offer many advantages over other vaping devices it is easier and convenient to carry and use. It is more appealing to the ex-smokers who want to quit but do not need to work with too much technical featured device. The pod system is best to conserve the e-juice. Changing the flavour is much easier with the pod vapes by poping the flavoured pod into the pod mod. The pods use much lesser e-liquid in a day. It is hence a more cost-effective solution for the regular users and helps them pair for nicotine salts. It has low maintenance when compared to other types of vape products. And the best part is that it results in a lower footprint due to less vapour production, which is why the stealth vapers prefer to use it the more! Check out the Vype ePen 3 in that is new in the market which is easier to use, that is designed for the entry-level vapers in mind.

  • Finest nic salt vapes
  • Helps to quit smoking
  • Easy to maintain and carry
  • Great for stealth vaping
  • Instantly change flavours – in refill pods
  • Lower e-liquid consumption
  • Easy and simple to use
  • Smallest mini vape in the market

Vape Pods

The Disadvantage of Pod Vapes

  • Because of the smaller size, it has a small battery capacity than the regular vape mod. However, the lower power output allows the battery to last for a day.
  • It is opted out by many because of the limited vapour production than that of the vape tanks.
  • With the technological improvement, it could be more expensive in the future. The replacement vape pods as compared to coils are costlier.