5 Hemp-Derived Supplement Facts

Hemp-Derived Supplement

Are you thinking about using a hemp-derived supplement? Although hemp and hemp products are very popular around the world these days, it is wise to understand what you are getting yourself into if you choose to use them. We have put together 5 facts about hemp and hemp supplements that might help you choose what is right for you.

1. What Hemp-Derived Means

When something is hemp-derived it means that the end product was extracted from the hemp plant. There are many industrial hemp farms around the United States that grow hemp specifically for the extraction of CBD. Some of these farms are much higher-quality than others so it pays to do research on any hemp product before you purchase it. This way you make sure that you get hemp products that aren’t laden with pesticides and other toxins.

2. Hemp is Not Marijuana

Although hemp is in the cannabis family, it is not marijuana. Many years ago growers purposely crossbred different strains of cannabis Sativa in order to create a plant that did not contain as potent of a dose of the psychoactive compound THC. Over time different sects of the government have gone back and forth regarding the legality of hemp. Today, however, it is legal to grow and farm in many states. Hemp, in general, only has a 0.3% THC content, which makes it highly unlikely to cause a “high.” Hemp is chock full of CBD, or cannabidiol, which is believed to possess a plethora of wellness benefits. The fibers of the hemp plant are also used to make clothing, paper, rope, and other materials.

3. Hemp-Derived Supplements are not FDA Approved

So far there is only one FDA approved CBD product. It is a prescription drug that is used to treat some rare forms of epilepsy. Although studies and testing are still being conducted there is still not enough clear evidence that CBD and hemp-derived supplements are safe for people to use on a regular basis. As for the medicinal benefits, there are more questions than answers at this point.

4. Hemp Products for Pets

There seems to be a huge demand for CBD these days for dogs and cats. In fact, because of the illegal fireworks in New York for Independence Day, 2020 many of the pet stores ran out of CBD products. People believe that CBD has the ability to calm animals down when they are full of stress. Although CBD products have an extremely low amount of THC and are not likely to get them high, the FDA has not yet given any indication of whether or not it is safe for pets. The best way to determine whether or not you should give hemp products to your pet is to do your research and talk to your vet. Most pets that receive CBD don’t have any problems, but some do. It all depends on the individual pet and what kinds of sensitivities it has.

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5. High Falls Hemp NY Hemp-Derived Products

If you are contemplating trying out CBD or any other hemp products make sure that you get your hemp from a company that has high-quality plants and a great reputation. High Falls Hemp NY grows happy,  healthy hemp plants without using any harmful pesticides or causing harm to the earth. Although there are a lot of conflicting opinions regarding the safety of hemp products if you choose to buy your products from a company that only manufactures the best you can be confident that the hemp you are getting is pure and of high-quality. If you are going to use hemp-derived products of any type, be wise about it and make sure you are getting clean, healthy hemp in all of your products.