A Review of Lice Treatment Systems That Use Insecticide-Based Solutions to Eliminate Lice

A Review of Lice Treatment Systems That Use Insecticide-Based Solutions to Eliminate Lice

If you have head lice, or if your child has head lice, you know that this little parasitic menace can be irritating, as well as uncomfortable. It can be difficult to get rid of them. However, there is a head lice treatment that is effective and relatively easy to use. For years, parents have tried many over-the-counter lice treatments, from shampoos, oils, creams, pesticides, etc. Although some of these home remedies are quite useful, many of them fail to give satisfactory results. In recent years, a different approach has been taken, in order to kill lice: chemicals.

Lice Treatment-resistant head lice are not a new issue. Although they have been around for quite a long time, they were not always effectively treated. The modern treatment for head lice is called nitro-shampoos, oils, gels, sprays, powders, and even some hair weave (hair extensions). Unless resistance is seen in the medical community, medications based on pesticides or pyrethrin should be the initial course of action for head lice infestations, especially in households with children.

There is no Lice Treatment that will kill adult lice; it only prevents them from attaching to human skin. The main ingredient of most lice treatments is a nitrate or permethrin compound. These chemicals are applied directly to the scalp, where they bond with the nits. Once they are firmly latched onto the scalp, they will not come off without great effort and a lot of work.

The Lice Treatment System of today, using today’s high-tech materials, combines simplicity, effectiveness and safety. The Lice Treatment System of today is made up of a blend of safe chemicals that do not harm humans or pets. The active ingredient in all Lice Treatment Systems is Novokid, a plant-based protein complex that triggers an immune system response that attacks and eliminates lice. Novokid is clinically proven to be effective in eliminating all forms of life, including adult lice, nits and fleas. Novokid is a member of the Shinko group of chemicals.

While novokid offers an important service, there are other treatment options that are more effective and less dangerous. Two of the most popular Lice Treatment Systems are the Comb substance and the Lice Killers, which also contain novokid. These two products bring greater comfort to those suffering from head lice because they are chemical free and carry major health benefits. For people who are allergic to lice insecticide treatment solutions, these pesticides may be very dangerous. The risks of long term exposure to these insecticides are not known but many people who have become ill from these pesticides have filed lawsuits against the manufacturers of the pesticides responsible.

Lice Treatment Systems that using insecticide-based solutions to eliminate lice carry significant risks of damage to the skin, hair and hearing of those being treated. While novokid has limited efficacy compared to other chemical treatment options, it is safer for both children and adults. However, the best way to protect yourself and your family is to invest in an effective lice treatment system with proven results that do not carry significant risks. Contact your local pest control company to discuss your options for pest control.