Food And Yogasana As Per Your Zodiac Sign

Food And Yogasana As Per Your Zodiac Sign

Let’s reveal one more secret related to your health and body which is connected to zodiac so get connected to us at trustedteller and keep yourself updated.

One should always take a healthy diet and eat better to keep themselves healthy and possess a fit body, energetic mind and happy soul.

But not only good and healthy food is enough, you need  to change a bit of yours lifestyle too , if you can’t do more due to your busy schedule then just keep sometime aside for yoga and meditation.

Astrology can help you better understand and select good and healthy habits whether it’s related to food, nutrition, meditation or striking a yoga pose.

Just take out time for yourself and give your body much needed attention. Read it out loud, change your habits and of others as well.

Aries are fire signs hence they love hot, spicy and fast food very much but they should avoid such food and must take nutrition rich food, green veggies and also eat patiently and not in a hurried manner.

They can prefer cold drinks, cold coffee and ice creams one or two times in a month but by keeping season in mind for relaxing themselves.

Yoga:-  Pranayama and Kapalbhati: to bring peace to your mind, calmness to your body and happiness to your soul.

Taurus  are big foodie, they love food and always focus on quality of food, they keep on experimenting with food varieties but they should intake only such foods which prevents weight gain as there are chances they get thyroid.

They should also avoid cold drinks and ice cream as it can be harmful for their throat.

Yoga:- Marjaryasana & Bitilasana: for warm-up and stretching of body. Stretches neck and also brings flexibility to spine, also improves breathing.

Gemini should always take diets which support their respiratory system and nervous system as well. They must avoid acidic foods, drinks and beverages.

Twins love changes and get bored easily with routine, but for better health they should must follow routine and ear and do things on daily basis.

They should avoid food rich in carbs and sugar. And opt for dark chocolate in place of coffee. They can eat oats, nuts , green vegetables, and any kind of fruits, will be best suited for you guys.

YogaYoga:- Bhujangasana and Dhanurasana: for strengthening your shoulder, elevates mood, increases flexibility and relaxes mind.

Meditation is must for you guys to increase concentration level and reduce stress.

Cancer should take care of their stomach so much and stay away from foods which can cause indigestion and gastric problem.

They should also avoid oily food as it can harm their chest too. They should eat water rich fruits and vegetables and also increase calcium intakes.

Yoga:- Trikonasana & Ustrasana: Strengthens leg, stretches hip and back, improves posture and good for abdomen, chest and also does help in digestion.

Leo Being fiery sign and such persona, their body desires high carb diet but they should avoid such demands and focus on needs of body.

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They should intake food which helps in easy blood flow such as whole wheat, rye, almond, walnut, apple, rice, seafood, egg yolk etc.

They must not eat foods which makes them fat and focus on taking iron rich diets.

Yoga:- Surya namaskar & meditation: to get spiritually connected with themselves.

Virgo should avoid taking food which harm their intestine and digestive system as they can easily get to some sort of intestinal issues, indigestion, ulcers and gas.

They also worry a lot and hence should get stressed out and tend to face any kind of panic attacks so it’s better to relax and meditate.

They must take prescription from doctor and not become doctor themselves, if face any health related issues. Healthy and fibre rich proper diet including salads, sprouts and juice should be taken regularly.

Fried, spicy food and dairy products must be cut off from theirs life.

Yoga:- Mayurasana & Naukasana:  helps in digestion, acidity problems, removes pimple, acne from skin, makes leg and hands strong and also good back muscles.

Libra  rarely get any health issues and mostly enjoy good health in their whole life. But they are prone to kidney, bladder and back issues so it’s better for them to not work excessively.

For Libra, a well- balanced diet is the best solution.  Everyday in perfect and balanced amount can help them live a happy, balanced and long life.

They should take proper 8 hrs of sleep and avoid alcohol, sugar and raw foods.

Yoga:- Vrikshasana & Bakasana: brings glow to your face, reduces fat from body, good for stomach ache, strengthens muscles and back and enhances body balance.

Scorpio  This highly energetic sign is prone to sexual problems, infections and genital issues.

They should take foods rich in calcium and women must take nutritious food, vegetables and fruits and keep watch over their menstrual cycle.

Scorpion should not eat heavy meals and also evening meal should be light. They are also sensitive so better should take care of themselves in changing environment.

Also, they must avoid alcohol and drink more and more water and prefer cheese and coconut especially.

Yoga:- Ustrasana & Padmasana: helps in increasing body stamina, strengthens back, relives  menstrual problems and helps in proper blood circulation.

Sagittarius must avoid overeating, they love sweets and chocolates very much but must take control over it so that it can’t affect their health.

They should prefer food which are rich in vitamin C especially as it can help in improving their vision. They tend to have chronic ache in thighs and hips so must avoid excess of work and travelling and take some rest indeed.

They should include meals which are rich in protein and eat regularly in breaks and not all at a time must avoid fats, butter and cream.

Yoga:- Trataka: for vision correction

Sanmukhi mudra: for body growth and controlling Jupiter (ruling planet of Sag’s).

Capricorn Capris have habit of doing things in excess. They overwork always, skip food and meals and eat too much at a time, when get free, which is very unhealthy habit and must be avoided.

They should take diets rich in calcium phosphate as  fruits like lemons, oranges, vegetables like spinach, broccoli, potato and also fish, eggs and dairy products.

Capricorn can eat any thing they want, their body supports them that much but as a precaution they should must avoid heavier diets and also overeating.

Yoga:- Vrikshasana & Tadasana: helps in improving body balance, relieves sciatica pain and strengthens backbones.

Aquarius They are highly active and possess strong, healthy mind and body and to maintain that they should always take healthy, nutritious and balanced diet. They are snacks lover and eat a lot that can harm their health very much.

They also tend to suffer from circulation related problems especially with low blood pressure therefore must add a cup of coffee to their routine.

They can prefer ocean fish, chicken and green and steamed vegetables like beans, broccoli and fruits like apples, oranges and pears.

Yoga:- Padmasana & Garudasana:- Strengthen muscles, stretches hips and thighs, reduces stress increases focus and improves balance.

Pisces Pisceans are very emotional and over- sensitive zodiac, which is one of the prior reason behind their cold & cough and weak immune system. That’s why they should take food which helps in boosting their immunity.

Foods rich in iron can prove good for them such as barley, grain cereals, dry beans, dates, apricots, grapes and avoid much salty foods and coffee too as it overstimulates Pisces.

They must prevent themselves from their surroundings and changing weather as they can easily get cold. And should prefer a well balanced diet, built moderate habits and also perform a bit of exercise.

Yoga:- Tadasana & Ardh-bhekasana: for strengthening muscles, and opening of areas around lungs and also improves body posture.