How Does a Hemp Company Extract CBD?


Believe it or not, a hemp company has a lot of work to do in order to create a high-quality CBD product that is safe and falls within the lines of the law. A respectable company like High Falls Hemp NY will always make sure that the end product is safe, wholesome, and high-quality. From the moment the seed is planted into the earth until the customer uses the CBD, every step in the process is carried out with care. When it comes to extracting CBD from the plant, there are many different ways, but here we will touch on the most popular methods.

Extracting CBD from Hemp

When it comes to extracting CBD from the hemp plant it is important to understand that CBD is just one part of a whole. CBD is one of over a hundred cannabinoids that are present within the hemp plant. Another dominant cannabinoid that is in the plant is THC. Over the centuries hemp has been crossbred and re-planted in order to create a plant that has high CBD levels and low THC levels. There are three different spectrums of CBD extracts:

  • Full-spectrum extracts
  • Broad-spectrum extracts
  • CBD isolate extracts

Full-spectrum extracts contain all of the cannabinoids and terpenes that are present within the hemp plant, including a 0.3% content of THC.

Broad-spectrum extracts contain all of the cannabinoids and terpenes that the hemp plant has to offer, but it excludes THC.

CBD isolate extracts are when the extraction process only includes CBD and leaves out the rest of the compounds, hence the term “isolate.”

Unless you have a general understanding of what extracts are and the different courses of action that enable a successful hemp extract, the whole process can seem foreign and confusing. Now that you have a general understanding, let’s move forward.

The parts of the hemp plant that carry the highest concentration of CBD are the flowers. When the plants are harvested for CBD the harvesters will focus mainly on processing the buds of the plant, and leave the rest of it for other purposes.

Extracting with a Solvent

Extracting hemp oil by use of a solvent is a very common method. It is probably by far the cheapest way to extract hemp oils. However, the solvents that are used in the extraction process are highly flammable and volatile substances. Solvents can be isopropyl alcohol, ethanol, butane, or even propane. The solvent melts away the natural waxes that are present in the plant and separates the cannabinoids from the plant matter.

Once the cannabinoids have been stripped away from the plant, the solids are filtered out and the liquid that is left over is set aside to allow for evaporation. When the solvents completely evaporate away what is left is an oil. The reason why this method is not a favored method is that traces of the solvent can be left behind in the oil and cause harm to the user.

Extracting with Olive Oil

This method is not widely used anymore because it does not have a shelf life, and needs extra care in order for it to not go rancid. However, it is a very safe and natural way to produce hemp extracts.

The hemp plant gets ground into a powder then heated in order to decarboxylate the cannabinoids within. Once heated, the remaining matter is combined with pure olive oil or any other type of healthy oil like avocado oil, or coconut oil. The solids from the plant are still present in the substance.

The CO2 Extraction Process

This process is the safest, and cleanest way to extract hemp oil. In this process, carbon dioxide is put into one chamber, the hemp is put into another chamber, then the third chamber is where the end product comes out. Supercritical CO2, which is where CO2 becomes more of a liquid than gas is pumped into the hemp chamber where it extracts all of the oil from the hemp. The remaining extract is pumped into the next chamber where it is collected and formed into a clean, high-grade hemp extract product.

High Falls Hemp NY

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