How to Clean your Sex Toys: Safety Tips

How to Clean your Sex Toys: Safety Tips

Sex toys are believed to be among the most innovative products that have kept men and women wanting for more and making their sex life a thrilling one. Like the benefits, it comes with quite a few responsibilities that one should take to keep their sex toys safe. As adults, it is your responsibility to keep your sex toys, especially if you share them with your partner. Several risk factors can transmit germs and bacteria to your genitals, causing adverse effects.

Storing your sex toys the right way matters the most if you are looking for a healthy relationship with your pleasure machines. Several tips will help store your sex toys in the right manner so that it stays safe for use every time you want them. Below are some of the best tips that you can consider hygienically storing your sex toys.

Using Original Packaging:

Your sex toys come in a bag or a small pouch specially designed to keep your sex toy safe. It is advised to use the original packaging that it came with for the best results.

Get Home a Plastic Container:

If you are looking forward to keeping your sex toy, then it is time you get a plastic container that is airtight and can protect the toys from dirt and pollution.

Satin Bags also can be Used:

Satin bags are best suited for sex toys as it keeps them safe. You can get home travel bags or satin bags specially designed for sex toys for the best results. Keeping it in a satin bag might sound too much, but doing this will keep your sex toy safe and ready for use several times.

Storage is one big concern as sex toys are generally made from latex, rubber, jelly, or thermoplastic rubber. These materials need added safety to keep them safe.

Tips for Cleaning your Sex Toys:

There are several ways one can clean their sex toys. Below mentioned specific tips would help to clean your sex toys in the best manner.

Cleaning sex toys may seem a bit too boring, but cleaning sex toys regularly has several benefits. To clean sex toys, it is essential to ascertain what the sex toys are made of. Generally, sex toys come in two materials that are known as porous and non-porous materials. Porous materials are more prone to bacteria and germs as they have tiny holes in them. Non-Porous materials, on the other hand, have no holes and are less prone to germs and bacteria.

Porous Material:

  • Elastomer
  • Thermoplastic elastomer
  • Thermoplastic rubber
  • Jelly rubber
  • Sensafirm
  • Latex

Non-Porous Material:

  • Borosilicate glass
  • Soda-lime glass
  • Stainless steel
  • Gold
  • Silicone

The procedure of checking what exactly your toy is made of is straightforward. Check the package it came with for all the details of the product quality, power, and material. You can also check online for the material used for a specified sex toy.

Wash and Dry your Sex Toy after Every use:

Porous material sex toys can easily harbor bacteria and germs, making it essential to be washed before and after use for the best results. This might seem a bit too much, but instilling this habit while ensuring your sex toys is sanitized every time ready for use.

The vagina consists of several myriads, bacteria, and fungi. These bacteria and fungi sometimes tend to stick to the sex toys after use. Most of the time, this condition is not harmful, but there are enough chances of catching harmful bacteria and causing adverse effects, so it is advised to wash the sex toys before and after use.

Chances are more when the person using the sex toy has a vaginal infection. The pathogens remain in the sex toys after use, and using them again after washing can cause severe effects like vaginal infection and sexually transmitted diseases that are harmful. There are chances that the pathogens can stay longer than expected on the surfaces of the sued sex toys that can cause infection and other problems. It is advised to clan the sex toys before and after use for the best results.

Wash your Sex Toys before Using Them Every Time:

Even though you have cleaned your sex toys the last time you used them, it is advised to clean the sex toy once again for the best results. This is because there are plenty of chances that the sex toys might contact dirt, dust, lint, and many other materials from the time you last used them. Irrespective of the gap of using sex toys last time, it is advised to clean them to have a safe and pleasant experience. Cleaning the sex toys before use is more of a suggestion than a compulsion. If you somehow are finding it, too hard ensure you at least clean them after use.

How to Clean Sex toys:

Knowing how to clean sex toys is a big bonus, but if you are a newbie and are looking for some tips, you have come to the right place. Below we will be explaining how you can clean your sex toys the right way.

Find the right soap:

Some soaps are specially designed to clean sex toys and keep them safe from germs and bacteria. Use any shop that is unscented and is mild. You can also opt for dish soap, but it should not have any added scent. The ingredients present in scented soaps can be harmful to the vagina and distract the pH balance that is not advised. Also, ensure that there is no residue after washing your sex toy.

Vibrating and Non-Vibrating Toys Washing Instruction:

If your toy vibrates, then it is advised to wash it using a warm, damp, soapy washcloth for the best result. If the toy does not vibrate, you can immerse it in warm water and wash it using a soapy washcloth.

Washing Instruction for Skin like Material:

If your toy has skin-like material, then you can follow the same steps mentioned above. Ensure that you do not expose it to too much soap as there are plenty of chances of the material getting destroyed and may gradually leave it a skin-like texture.

Washing Instruction for ABS Plastic:

If your toy is made from ABS plastic, then ensure that you wipe it first with a damp cloth and mild soap if your toy vibrates. If the toy does not vibrate you, wash it using water by immersing and using a mild soap.

Instructions to Wash Borosilicate Glass, Silicone, and Metal:

If your sex toy is made from borosilicate glass, you can clean the glass using mild soap and mild water. If the materials mentioned above do not vibrate, then you can opt to boil them for 2 to 3 minutes for the best results.

Ensure you do not boil sex toys that are made of gold material. This is because gold material contains several other elements that may cause adverse effects.

Borosilicate and stainless steel toys are safe for bleaching, but you can only do this step when required. After every use, bleaching the sex toys is not required; a mild wash using soap and water will be enough to kill all the germs and bacteria.

Washing Sex Toys using a Sex Toy Cleaner:

There are many sex toys cleaner available online that can be sued to clean your toys hassle-free. These sex toy cleaners are quick and discreet products that help disinfect your sex toys and keep them safe for more extended periods. These products function very similar to shampoo. They produce lather and can be cleaned easily. Ensure you wipe the sex toys and dry them up thoroughly before storing them.

Therefore, if you were feeling lazy on a bright sunny morning, then the best thing to do would be to clean your sex toys using the sex toy cleaner. As it is specially designed to clean sex toys, there will be no problem figuring out how to clean them. It is advised to clean your sex toys regularly to have a safe and fun experience.

Using UV Lights to clean Sex Toys:

Though there are several UV sterilizers found in the market that can help sterilize your toys, experts must still advise them to clean them gently using water and mild soap. Ensure you do not use scented soap as it may spoil the material quality quickly. UV sterilizers found in the market are of two types that are better known as UVee and b-Vibe UV sterilizer pouch. These products are one of the most popular when it comes to sterilizing your sex toys. The problem with these toys is that they sterilize the toys but do not clean them thoroughly. Using a UV sterilizer is an excellent way to keep germs and bacteria away from your sex toys.

If you are Sharing, the Toys Ensure you use a Condom:

Using condoms every time you use your sex toy will help to keep it safe. If you are sharing the toy with a partner, it is advised to use a condom for the best results. It is advised to put a condom on your sex toy every time you use it for the best results. This will eliminate the need to clean your toys regularly. The most sensitive parts are where your genitals penetrate the toy and should be covered with a condom when not used for the best experience.

Sharing the toys with your partner can be risky if you are not taking proper care. Using a condom ensures that the toy is safe and ready to use every time. Using the condom with the sex toys ensures that the lubricants you use do not erode the condom. This can cause adverse effects, especially if you are sharing your toys with someone.

Common Mistakes to Avoid While Cleaning your Sex Toys:

Cleaning sex toys is a skill that should be mastered for the best results. It is advised to clean your sex toys no just after using them but also before using them for the best experience. This will keep you and your partner safe if you are sharing your sex toys. Below mentioned are some of the common mistakes people make while cleaning their sex toys and should be avoided.

Not cleaning the Toy when you First Receive it:

Many people get excited when they receive their sex toy for the first time and use them without cleaning the product. It is advised to clean the sex toy with mild soap and hot water immediately after receiving it for the best experience.

Not Checking Whether the Sex Toy is Waterproof before Cleaning:

Please ensure that not every ex toy is waterproof. It is advised to read all the instructions when planning to use it for the first time. Many toys are not waterproof, and the washing instructions are different for them. Many people end up malfunctioning their sex toys as they dip them in water for cleaning without knowing it is waterproof or not. These steps can cause your sex toy to be damaged. The instructions for washing the product are mentioned clearly in the package to be read before using the product.

Not Drying the Toys off Properly:

Not drying the sex toys thoroughly after washing can cause adverse effects to the product resulting in damage. Ensure that your toy is completely dried before storing it for the best results. Wipe the toy entirely and ensure there are no water sediments left before storing it.

Using Scented Soap:

Many people use scented soap to clean their toys that are not advised as it spoils the quality of the material. It is advised to use a non-scented soap that is mild for the best results. Parts such as the vagina and penis are exceptionally delicate, and using scented soaps to clean these products can cause adverse effects when used after washing in the genital areas. To avoid such issues, ensure that you clean your sex toys using a mild non-scented soap. This will keep your toys safe and increase their longevity when compared to washing with scented soap.

Following the above methods and tips mentioned will help to maintain your sex toys and keep them safe after and before use. Please follow the instructions mentioned above to keep your toys in the best condition and maximize their use.