Standards That All Software Must Meet in Order to be HIPAA Conforming?


While not explicitly mandated by HIPAA however, encryption can be the safest method to protect sensitive information. Hence, is zoom video conferencing hipaa compliant defines encryption as an “addressable” security measure, which allows a similarly secure method to protect data to be used even if encryption is not “reasonably suitable” for a company. It prevents access by unauthorized persons of confidential health records (PHI) because information can only be read using a decryption key.

Ensuring Employees Access

To ensure that employees can only access PHI that they require to complete their job, access controls should be part that is part of video chat. video chat software. Access controls identify various degrees of PHI access, based on the employee’s role. Audit controls: Audit Controls: To make sure that PHI is not accessed without the purpose for which it was intended audit controls record accessibility to PHI. Maintaining the audit trail of who has access to PHI will allow organizations to create routine access rules for employees, so that any unauthorized access can be identified quickly.

Even if a tool is equipped with the security features required put in place, if it is unwilling or incapable of signing an agreement for business associates or sign a business associate agreement, they are not able to be used together with PHI — even though this has not been considered when telehealth is offered in “good good faith” in the event of a emergencies in the public sector.
Furthermore, the software’s compliance is down to the user. To ensure that videoconferencing tools are utilized in a HIPAA-compliant manner, it’s essential to instruct employees on proper usage of the software.

HIPAA Secure Video Conferencing Tools

There are many popular HIPAA-compliant videoconferencing tools for service providers to select from. Each tool has the security features that are required under HIPAA as well as will sign a contract with a business associate. Each is HIPAA certified, they also have diverse features to assist with the management of patients.

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Psy Books 

PSY Books is two apps combined – an EHR to manage your practice tasks as well as a Portal to facilitate secure, HIPAA-compliant communication to your customers. It includes the following features video telehealth services that are well over HIPAA compliance. All of your client’s records are stored located in one location, which is accessible from anywhere and all tools are connected. The data is entered once, and all tools update automatically There is nothing to download or install – simply sign to use it immediately and get started and customize appointment reminders and HIPAA certified emails that go beyond guidelines.

Zoom for Healthcare

Zoom for Healthcare offers an upgrade to the paid version of Zoom and Zoom’s version for free is not HIPAA certified. Zoom can connect to certain medical devices, as well in electronic health records (EHRs). Other features available include HD audio and video as well as mute/unmute tools chat messenger tool, in-app file sharing transcriptions of recordings, whiteboard tool and patient waiting area.

GoTo Meeting

Go to Meeting is the only HIPAA-compliant video conference tool that provides users with three subscription levels to select from. The base version lets 150 participants to join one video conference (more than most other types of platforms). Additional options comprise HD videos and audio meeting locks, infinite number of meeting screen sharing and file sharing in-app, notes taking and chat messaging in the app and no time limit for meetings.