Top 5 Health Benefits of Sleeping Together

Top 5 Health Benefits of Sleeping Together

Healthier Than You May Realize

Sure, sex is great; but have you ever just slept together? The question is a bit tongue-in-cheek, but it’s also serious in terms of health. There are serious health benefits beyond the sexual—better REM sleep, as an example.

Yes, we’ll briefly explore the known benefits of proper sex as well; it will be the middle point of the following five. That said, read on to learn how sleeping together is good for you in more than just intimate areas.

Warmth, Comfort, And A More Full Night’s Sleep

Sleeping next to someone, if you’ve slept alone for a long time, will take some getting used to. Bodies make noises—snoring comes to mind. Also, bodies tend to move around a bit at night. However, after a few weeks, the two of you fall into a rhythm. When that is achieved, you’re going to get a more full night’s sleep. It’s warm and comfortable to cuddle, also.

Greater Emotional Stability – Less Associated Night Terror

Two keep more warm than one. If there is a “warmth” in terms of emotional stability, this develops from sleeping together. You can rest in the knowledge that you’ve got someone who cares right next to you. The fear of loneliness is gone. We have all slept alone and woke at three in the morning to some funky sound that made the hair on our necks stand out.

You may still be awakened by those strange noises in the night; but when you’re next to somebody, you don’t have to handle it on your own. Whoever is the braver of the two—hopefully the man, but it is 2021—can go investigate. The brave one can even “show off” a little bit in front of their spouse. Whatever the case, the fear is reduced.

Of Course, The Sex

You can’t have any sex if you’re sleeping by yourself. Well, not real sex. Everybody likes sex. What’s not to like? Provided it takes place under the right circumstances, sex is great! Sex is also conducive to your emotional stability, it’s good for your physical health, it’s the only way new human life comes into the world, it represents notable exercise, and it sure feels fine.

The only real consideration here is comfort. Look, the movies make intimate relations on the beach or in the back of a car seem romantic—but have you ever tried it? It’s itchy and uncomfortable. But a fine bed made for the purpose enhances the experience exponentially. If you’re looking for the best mattress for sex advice, check out the hyperlink; it’s there.
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Saving Money And Maximizing Living Space

If you’re sleeping separately, you’ve got to at least have another couch somewhere. That means extra blankets, extra space, extra pillows, the list goes on. While you may want to have a guest room anyway, not all couples can afford even such a minor extravagance. If you’re both habitually sleeping in separate beds or bedrooms, you’re wasting space.

Why? Whatever issues you and your spouse have, get over it and hop back in the sack together. You’ll save space, and if you don’t save money on bedding, you’ll be more able to maximize living space. You can even have guests over for more than a few hours. You might have close friends stay with you for a few days or weeks if that’s amenable.

Blood Pressure Reduction And Immune System Support

Sleeping together reduces your blood pressure for a number of reasons, not least of which being stress reduction. When you’re healthier and less stressed, that contributes to immune system support.

So overall, you become more healthy and increase your likelihood of longevity. You can read more about that here, as well as a few other benefits not covered in this writing.

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It Makes Sense To Sleep Together Whenever You Can

Sure there’s the sex. But don’t let that monopolize your thinking as regards sleeping together. Even the most close-knit lovebirds reach a transition in the relationship where intimacy isn’t a continuous prospect. This is development, it is progression, not regression. You don’t see people in their seventies getting at it like newlyweds, and for more reasons than physicality.

So there’s the sex, sure. But also, you can experience blood pressure reduction, increased immune system support, space maximization, savings on alternative bedding, greater emotional stability, reduced night terrors, a warmer sleeping experience that’s more comfortable, and a better night’s sleep. If you can sleep together in the right circumstances, it’s worth it for a lot of reasons.