What Should You Know Before Meeting An Infertility Specialist?

What Should You Know Before Meeting An Infertility Specialist?

Have you been trying to have a bay for some time but have not met much success? It’s time to visit an infertility specialist in Kolkata. However, before meeting here are a few things that you should know:

Are You Ovulating?

One of the first things that the doctor will want to know about is the ovulation cycle and whether it is happening regularly. It is something that you can figure out on your own before making an appointment. Prepare a basal body temperature for the past few months and discuss it with the doctor.

Are You Fertile?

When you are going to meet the infertility doctor in Kolkata, he will check your medical history. Based on it, he will outline the fertility tests that you and your partner may have to undergo.

It includes the examination of the blood and other physical examinations. Form men, the semen analysis may need to be conducted. The ultrasounds may be required to look at the lining of the uterus, to check the ovarian cysts and fibroids in case of women.

Analysis Of Semen

For men, the basic test of infertility is Semen Analysis. The sperms in the semen are counted and observed for the problem of mobility. The sperm can move through the female reproductive tract. Although it makes some men anxious, it is straightforward.

Fertility Treatment

Once the testing is done, and you have the diagnosis, the infertility doctor can suggest a treatment plan for the couple. Even if the results of the tests are not clear, and there is no specific reason why you are not getting pregnant, you can be treated. It may be in the form of infertility medications to the latest in-vitro fertilization technique.

Side Effects Of Drugs

The medication to stimulate the ovulation is key to the most infertility treatments. Initially, the drugs are used.  The drugs are also part of the procedures like IVF. The doctor will brief you about the risks of the medications.

Treatment Costs

The treatment may be slightly expensive, but with the rising number of clinics offering treatment, you can negotiate the prices as well. Then there are payment plans that are available too.


You can easily find various online healthcare providers where you can find Infertility doctor in Kolkata. Check out their expertise and fee and other details before booking an appointment.