The Benefits Of Yogurt And Its Consumption With Different Types Of Foods

The Benefits Of Yogurt And Its Consumption With Different Types Of Foods

Yogurt is one of the most valuable Bulgarian foods because it is exactly like it – in its purest form, you will find only here – in Bulgaria! It contains many nutrients that are essential to the functioning of the body, which are lipids, carbohydrates, vitamins, inorganic salts, and proteins.


Yogurt is extremely beneficial because it increases bone strength, makes our immune system stronger and our skin smoother. Perfect prevention is against dehydration, obesity, osteoarthritis, caries, hypertension and even some forms of cancer. All the nutrients that are digested by yogurt are of great importance for the human body and its proper functioning.

To convince you of its undoubted benefits, we will provide you with more detailed information about what yogurt handles excellently.


As mentioned, yogurt reduces the risk of caries. This is because its regular consumption leads to stronger bones, such as teeth. The added bonus here is that lactic acid has a whitening effect and you will have a healthy, white smile!


Yogurt is a natural probiotic. Many people in Bulgaria consume the antibiotics prescribed by their doctor, ground in combination with a tablespoon of milk. This is done to reduce the risk of stomach discomfort, fungal infection, and allergies.


If you want to lose weight, consume yogurt. It satiates, but does not burden the work of the stomach! The perfect solution is for a mid-day meal or a tighter diet. If you follow a diet and do not have to eat after 18:00, you can drink a glass of Ayran (diluted several tablespoons of yogurt with water) and it will make you full!


To restore the electrolyte balance in the body, it is recommended to consume yogurt before and after exercise because it also helps build muscle fibers.


If you decide to try new things, then you can make a yogurt tar. Cut fresh cucumbers into small pieces, dilute a glass of yogurt with water, add garlic, a little oil, and salt. You already have a cold soup that’s fresh and nice!


Dessert is then followed by the addition of fruit or honey to the yogurt. You stir and get a real temptation! Of course, if you rummage through the internet, you will find lots of yogurt sweets that will really turn out if you bought the right one because, in order to have a quality end result, its prior products must be of the best quality!


If you have fallen in love with yogurt so much that it is difficult to cut it from your menu, it is quite possible to do it as a salad dressing. One of the best sauces we came up with was 6 tablespoons yogurt and 1 tablespoon olive oil.


After stirring until a homogeneous mixture is obtained, allow standing in the refrigerator for an hour. In a separate bowl, we put lemon juice, a pinch of ground black pepper and a pinch of salt – stir and add the dill to taste. Then we mix the two bowls and the magic happens! You have the perfect complement to your salad!


Yogurt can take many forms, depending on your imagination and desire. Choose the quality to be sure of its benefits. Buy genuine Bulgarian yogurt online from Serdika Foods: