Facts About Cleaning Wipes And How To Make Them

Facts About Cleaning Wipes And How To Make Them

You probably don’t think too much about the things you use every day, but most of them have some interesting facts you should know about. Cleaning wipes are used more than ever in many different situations. You can use them to clean your face, hand or any object but also many mothers use it for their babies so they should know a few things about it.

A great thing is that you can make them yourself because in some situations you will need them on the spot. You will need a few items like alcohol and washable cotton. There are many methods to do this which you can find online but it takes a bit of time and dedication. You can do this in free time. Find here more facts.

Flushable Type

Many people don’t make a difference between flushable and non-flushable paper towels so their sewage system ends up clogged. Something that you probably don’t know is that 50% of the debris in the system is these products. The second on the list of offenders are baby wipes, personal care, and feminine hygiene products.

Most of these products have a flushability assessment test which means that they will not break apart when you use them but will break down when washed. Items that don’t have these features are made from plastic fibers and will have indications that you shouldn’t throw them into the toilet. Some people think that there isn’t any difference but that is the first mistake they make and the second is clogging the sewage.

Another important thing to mention is that manufacturers are working on these issues but it’s mostly on the people that are making these mistakes.  They are working with the wastewater sector to create products more suitable for us. The ones you can throw in the toilet are only less than 10% of all paper towels on the market. The majority isn’t designed to be flushed.

Facial Wet Wipes

There is a difference from those meant for your pores and others for your eye makeup. Make sure you got the right product for the right occasion. A great thing is that they can undo the damage caused by stains. Another thing they can undo is deodorant marks from your clothes. This can be really annoying so facial wipes can be pretty useful for many situations.

DIY Reusable Bathroom Cleaning Wipes - YouTube

If you are a woman, you know the struggle of extra hair dye on your head. You can use wipes to clean it off instantly without rubbing too much with water. Many people use it as a facial mask with a combination of honey and Aloe Vera. This will hydrate your skin and it’s mostly used before going to bed. You can use them as a deodorant if you don’t have one on yourself, just use them on your armpits and you are good to go.

An important fact you should know is that these products can have chemicals like Bromo Nitropropane Diol. These chemicals are used to increase shelf life so they won’t benefit you in any way. Don’t get fooled and buy something that has a medical plant on the cover, instead, read the description and what else is included in the mix. You also shouldn’t use them for more than 3 days in a row.

How to Make Them?

You don’t need some fancy and expensive items to clean your hands when professionals agreed that the most efficient way is soap and water or any commercial hand sanitizer. It should be around 60% alcohol and you shouldn’t make it yourself unless you have no choice like in emergency situations. Combine a third cup of aloe vera gel and 2 thirds of rubbing alcohol.

Make sure that the container you will place the mix is cleaned and preferably plastic. Also, it should be tightly-closed so the alcohol won’t evaporate. Use the bottle meant for soup for your hand because it has a pump which will be very helpful. You can use this for your hand or any surface you need to clean, just pour it on the gauze, tissue or paper towel. Let it dry of if you want completely disinfection. Get more information here: https://www.wikihow.com/Make-Baby-Wipes