When to Consult a Detox Centre?

When to Consult a Detox Centre?

One of the most difficult questions a drug addict can ask himself is whether it is time to seek therapy. Most of the drug addicts have been secluded from society and from the normal lifestyle of a functioning individual for so long that they do not even ever think of taking therapy. With physical disability comes mental disability as well and the sense of ourselves, our confidence, motivation, positivity soon vanishes away and the space is filled up with despair and desperation with an overall gloomy perception of life leading to suicidal thoughts. A person must not delude himself further and seek help right away either from a friend or directly from a detox centre.

What Happens in Detox?

In the process of detoxification, the body is made to remove toxins from it. Due to severe withdrawal symptoms it is a very dangerous procedure and must be done with patience to allow for the body to gradually adjust to the decreased level of toxins until finally one day the individual can totally be independent of the drugs. Some people may take only three months for complete recovery but some might take almost a year. The detoxification process can vary from person to person depending upon a number of factors like the type of drug abused, how long it was abused, how it was consumed i.e. either through injecting or snorting, the tolerance of the person, how intense is the addiction and if there are other mental health issues related to the cause of abuse. It is mostly advised by health practitioners to not detox yourself alone as it could lead to seizures by going ‘cold turkey’. Thus it is not advisable to pursue this solution even if you are in the company of a close friends as things may get out of control before you may even realise it.

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Withdrawal symptoms are actually fatal and a very painful way to die. Therefore it is necessary to get signed up in a detox centre where there is 24/7 monitoring and guidance in-person from health care practitioners. As everyone has a different family medical history and so a different experience of drug addiction, detox centres will evaluate a person fully and then make an analysis about how to start and proceed with the treatment. The most common side effects in detox will be anxiousness, poor quality of sleep, nausea or mood swings. The slow process in detox helps to manage anxiety and cravings.

After Detox

Detoxification is the first step towards recovery. Individuals may still have cravings albeit at a low intensity.  These cravings should not be ignored and if it continues then one can join a rehab for some time or see a counsellor. Re-entering society is strenuous for the individual as the addiction psychologically harms the addict too. Surrounding oneself with positive and happy peers can aid a lot. Apart from that, music therapy and spending much time in nature consistently can also bring out positive results. Support from our closest friends is essential so that the individual does not find himself to be lonely in the new world. You can also get in touch with an addiction provider if you do not have other resources.  An addiction provider will make a customised plan with you for your successful functioning into the society.

The whole process may seem arduous at first but the journey towards recovery is inevitable if the individual has set his mind to change his life around for the better. New Jersey Detox Centers can be visited to start your first step towards recovery.