Why People Prefer To Stay In Serviced Apartments


Across major towns in the UK, there has been increased appetite from business and leisure travellers for serviced apartments. They are an excellent accommodation option if you are searching for somewhere to live as opposed to just sleeping. So, what comes with a serviced apartment stay and what are the accompanying perks? These are the best 10 reasons to use serviced apartments accommodation.

Round The Clock Concierge

Service is the essence of serviced apartments; most of them offer round the clock concierge service. Each concierge is a skilled organiser who can assist guests with their social and travel arrangements. Full of local knowledge of the neighbourhood and its transport networks, restaurants, theatre showings and delivery services, these wizards ensure that you settle in seamlessly.

Homely Comfort

Serviced apartments offer a homely environment that leaves you feeling comfortable and secure. These apartments are designed with separate sleeping and living areas. In addition, they provide entertainment in various forms such as music systems, TVs, DVDs, a private phone and free Wi-Fi.

A Private Fully Equipped Kitchen

A completely stocked kitchen containing a fridge, dishwasher, cooker and washer/dryer is the perfect gift for people who want extended stays and specifically for those who have special diet needs. If you are feeling too tired to cook and want to remain indoors, it just a matter of requesting your concierge to arrange for a private chef who will prepare and serve you your dinner.

Customised Accommodation And Experience

Accommodation in a serviced apartment is a special, one of a kind, uniquely tailored experience. Special orders like calling in advance for secure parking and filling the kitchen with your preferred groceries all contribute to the great customer experience associated with an apartment stay.

Freedom Plus Peace And Quiet

After reserving your accommodation in a serviced apartment, you are done. Rest, work and play can be at any time. If you want to hold a meeting, you don’t have to book a conference room, just use your dining or living room. Furthermore, when hosting family or friends you are sure to get the appropriate privacy and go on with your fun activities without distractions.


Typically, a normal apartment has 30% extra space when compared to a hotel guest room. If you have friends or kids with you, this is just what is right for your needs. You will keep your mind calm!

Reasonably Priced

Normally, rates are on each apartment instead of per person. Therefore, when on holiday with friends and family an apartment provides the most attractive arrangement. Also, discounted charges are offered for extended stays so you can get the best out of your time while still getting the best deal.


Serviced apartments are built to support privacy with self-contained accommodations that are isolated from noise and movement. Also, they prioritise security by having secure entrances, 24-hour CCTV, and security staff in the premises throughout.


With serviced apartments the best feature is that you get to enjoy the best of both worlds: hotel service in a home-style accommodation. Daily linen service and cleaning is provided to ensure you have maximum comfort.

Welcoming Package

Since the apartment will be your temporary home it is stocked with important items such as toiletries, coffee and tea on arrival. Your comfort is secured, and you are free to relax and use your time as you see fit. Check out Equinox Place in Farnborough, for example.