Wrong Beliefs and Myths About Dental Implants

Wrong Beliefs and Myths About Dental Implants

Losing one or more teeth can significantly affect your life by decreasing your self-confidence and lowering the function of your teeth set. You probably will be uncomfortable when you smile and talk, so it’s reasonable to start searching for a suitable treatment for all these disadvantages. If you observe noticeable developments in dentistry fields, you definitely see dental implants as one of the most remarkable improvements, which is widely prevalent among patients and has a high rate of success. Based on the statistics of dental implants in Vancouver, many people who can be a candidate for dental implants refuse having it for unreasonable excuses while they can restore their beautiful smile and health. This refusal can originate from wrong beliefs common in some areas and among patients who don’t have adequate knowledge. Dental implants let you be more confident and comfortable, so don’t let any misconception stop you from having healthy teeth. Here we clarify some common myths about dental implants to make you completely aware.

Dental Implant Procedures Are Extremely Painful.

Unlike what people think, the dental implant procedure is not as painful as it seems. Although nobody denies that you will be completely uncomfortable during implanting, your implant dentist will make you numb using local anesthesia and nitrous oxide. According to the specialists who offer affordable dental implants in Vancouver, your implant dentist knows how to make you calm if you are significantly stressed out before starting the procedure.

The Recovery Time of Dental Implants is Too long.

The length of healing time entirely depends on you as a patient. The situation and intensity of patients’ problems are different from each other, so that they may take different healing times. Also, the better oral hygiene you maintain, the better result and quicker healing time you will have.

Having Dental Implants is an Unsafe Treatment.

Dental implants have been used for more than 40 years to treat patients’ dental issues, and nearly 90 percent of them are considered successful. If you are one of those people who is afraid of having dental implants because you heard it causes migraines, you need to know it’s one of the potential complications of the surgery, not a problem caused by dental implants.

They Look Fake.

Actually, dental implants are one of the best options to fool people! If you have your dental implants from a professional implant dentist, you can be sure people won’t recognize any difference between dental implants and your natural teeth unless you tell them.


The Cost of Dental Implants is Too Expensive.

Dental implants costs are higher than other dental treatments but don’t forget about their advantages! The durability of dental implants is significantly better than other dental treatments like dental bridges. Also, you aren’t required to have frequent changes as your dental implants will perform just like your real teeth for the rest of your life if you take good care of them.

Believing these wrong myths can be a great mistake that has irrecoverable consequences. So if you are still doubtful, discussing with a professional implant dentist can amazingly help you gain correct information.