6 Types of CBD Products to Try

6 Types of CBD Products to Try

By now, many people have become familiar with CBD and the benefits it can provide for themselves or their loved ones, and the public views CBD and other cannabis products more favorably than years past. What many people may not know about CBD, however, is the many products it can come in, allowing consumers to experiment and find their favorite method of consumption. CBDfx is known for their gummies, but there are dozens of other products to choose from in the world of CBD!

1. CBD Oil Tinctures

If you want a highly bioavailable method of ingesting CBD that has minimal ingredients, a CBD oil tincture may be for you. CBD Tinctures can come in a wide variety of doses, from 500 milligrams of CBD up to 6,000 milligrams, and the necessary dosage depends on plenty of factors. It may take a bit of experimenting to figure out how much of a CBD oil tincture you need to feel the desired effects, but many people prefer this method due to its straightforward ingestion and pure potency.

Taking tinctures sublingually can often provide a faster result than other methods of oral CBD consumption.

2. CBD Capsules

Another very straightforward method of consuming CBD is through CBD capsules. Simply take these like you would any other pill, and move on with your day. When consumed in this form, it can take a bit longer to feel the effects, but the effects tend to last much longer than when CBD is inhaled through vaping.

You can purchase powder capsules for a slower, more extended-release, or you can opt for liquid gels that tend to work a bit faster.

3. CBD Drinks

If the flavor is an important factor for you when taking CBD, consider trying a CBD drink. CBD drinks come in many refreshing flavors, and they are also filled with other beneficial components like vitamins and minerals that will help you feel great and energized throughout your day.

Look for CBD drinks that are made with natural flavorings and without artificial sweeteners to get the best health benefit bang for your buck.

4. CBD Edibles

Another option for those who prioritize flavor is CBD edibles. This can mean gummies, but it can also include sublingual strips and even cookies! Sublingual strips are mint-flavored breath strips that dissolve on your tongue in seconds and leave behind a refreshing mint flavor. These are easy to pack away, and they can be taken anywhere at any time.

Many CBD manufacturers also offer dessert-like CBD edibles, such as cookies or brownies. These can be a tasty treat that also provides health benefits- not a bad combination!

5. CBD Vape Juice and Pens

For people who want a CBD ingestion method that provides quick results, there is nothing better than vaping CBD. You can either purchase a ready-to-vape CBD pen that is simple and disposable, or you can use a vape kit that allows you to add your vape juice of choice.

Either way, vaping CBD can be a relaxing and delicious experience that can leave you feeling the many effects of CBD within 15 to 30 minutes.

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6. CBD Topicals

One often-overlooked method of using CBD is through topicals, like bath bombs or salts, creams, and masks. CBD muscle creams are great for sore joints and muscles that could benefit from a targeted dose of CBD that also leaves behind a pleasant cooling sensation. Balm sticks are a convenient way to spread CBD topicals too, as they are less messy than creams from a jar or bottle.

If you’re looking for a relaxing at-home spa experience, then a CBD face or foot mask might be a great method for you.

Final Considerations

Many people are shocked to learn about the vast number of CBD ingestion methods available to them, and this fact can often leave prospective CBD users feeling overwhelmed by their options. It can take a bit of trial and error to determine which CBD products work the best for you, but experimenting can be a fun experience that lets you play around with new methods of self-care.

Once some find their favorite method of consuming CBD, they stick with it regularly. Others find that some methods suit certain moods, and they like to add some variety to their CBD experience. Either way, CBD is a fantastic compound no matter which method you decide to use!