Are Accelerated, Higher-Level Courses More Stressful?


Studying for the qualifications you need in the modern world comes with a range of options. From full-time to part-time, blended learning and online, students can choose a mode of delivery which suits them best. Higher-level accelerated learning is a popular type of course for many wanting to break into sectors like healthcare. Many can worry about enrolling on a course like this, however, and any additional stress it could bring into their lives. As we all look for ways to protect mental health more than ever, this is understandable.

But are these sorts of courses really more stressful to study on?

What Is An Accelerated Course Of Higher-Level Study?

These are qualifications which take a shorter timescale to complete than other similar programs. The doctorate of nursing at Wilkes University is a good illustration of this type of course. When you study this course at Wilkes, you not only get access to high-level online learning from a top-ranked institution, but you can also complete the whole course in just two years. This is naturally great for those who want to get recognized qualifications but in a shorter timeframe.

Are Accelerated High-Level Courses More Stressful?

For many people, this is the burning question which can make them hesitant about enrolling on an accelerated higher-level course. This is a shame because these types, of course, do not have to cause you extra stress. While it is true that their nature can present challenges over fitting the study into a shortened timescale or your working life, this does not have to cause you undue worry. In short, these courses can bring unique issues and hard work, but they do not have to bring lots of hassle.

Managing Your Time Is Key

The secret to making any accelerated course smooth sailing is managing your time effectively. This, in turn, helps you to stay more relaxed and stops the workload overwhelming you.

One great tip to begin with is setting aside dedicated time each week to study. This may be time you set aside at home or time you can have in your working day, if your employer agrees. When you do this, make sure that you are not disturbed so you can focus fully. It is also very important to be aware of key deadlines, such as when work is due in or you have a meeting with your course tutor.

By planning these in and being aware of them, you avoid any last-minute panics. It is also vital to structure your workload so that you are not stressing about completing numerous assignments in a few hours. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to complete essays and do any research needed.

Accelerated Learning Does Not Have To Stress You Out

Many people automatically assume that following a course which offers shorter timescales for learning is more stressful. As the above shows though, this does not have to be true. If you manage your time and workload effectively, then there is no reason for it to be any more stressful than a course which takes longer.