Some Main Factors For Toothache

Some Main Factors For Toothache

You may have experienced toothache and know that nothing can be as hard and debilitating as a toothache. In some emergency cases, you should see an emergency dentist North York as soon as possible to find the main cause of the pain and provide appropriate treatment. A toothache may have other mysterious reasons besides cavities. That is why it is important to find the cause of the pain. North York emergency dentists recommend you should go to an emergency dental office if your toothache continues for several days.

You May Brush Too Hard And Damage Your Gums.

Yes, like other people, you want to have clean, white teeth, but applying too much pressure or brushing hard can cause more problems in your mouth. Doing so will damage the structure of the teeth and gum, covering the root of the tooth. In this emergency case, you may notice extreme sensitivity to eating and drinking cold items. One of The main reasons for this sensitivity is that the tooth’s root structure is too prone to damage. Although you cannot reverse the damage you have done, you can consult an emergency dentist and use the appropriate treatment. In some dental emergencies, the gums may need to be inserted or transplanted to return their original position. If you like to prevent this type of dental problem, it is better to buy an electronic toothbrush or use soft and suitable toothbrushes to brush your teeth. Try to follow your emergency dentist’s advice on the best way of brushing and flossing.

You May Have A Gum Infection, Which Is One Of The Common Dental Emergencies.

When your emergency dentist tells you that you have periodontal disease, do not worry because you are not alone. More than 30% of the people have the disease, but sometimes they don’t know it. Regular dental check-ups help you improve your oral health.

Periodontal disease refers to a disease of the tissues that support the teeth. If you do not have this disease, there is still a possibility of a gum infection. It happens when germs or bacteria enter the teeth or gum environment and multiply where the body is unable to fight the harmful bacteria. The disease may cause pain, swelling, a small pimple on the top of the tooth or related area, the release of pus, or even bad taste in the mouth.

As soon as you notice the mentioned symptoms or even one of them, it is best to consult an emergency dentist. It should be emphasized that gum infection can lead to abscesses and more pain. Your emergency dentist can clean the area around the gums and the infected area and prescribe antibiotics and mouthwash.

You May Have A Severe Sinus Infection:

During allergy seasons, some illnesses, such as the flu, can increase the risk of sinus infection. Because the roots of some teeth are located next to the sinuses, the pressure of a sinus infection can cause toothache. You may need antibiotics and anticonvulsants instead of emergency dental treatment.

You May Grind Your Teeth In Sleep.

You may grind your teeth in sleep

People around you may tell you that you grind your teeth in sleep, but this bad habit can have worse consequences than just harassing others. In some emergency cases, chronic grinding can cause the tooth to break or loosen. If you have this bad habit, visit an experienced emergency dentist to check your teeth. An imbalance caused by grinding teeth can cause muscle and tooth pain. There are various ways to treat this type of pain. You can use your emergency dentist’s advice in this regard.

Final Word

A toothache may have other essential causes besides cavities. It is crucial to visit your emergency dentist to find the main reason for the pain and start treating it.